One of the deepest concerns of all bloggers is to have a noticeable online presence. Your blog can do a lot for you, whether it is to build a network with like-minded individuals or reach out to potential clients and customers for business purposes. So how do you go about writing your blog?

The foremost thing to understand is the vital role of SEO. Your blog should have all the characteristics of good writing that include appropriate content, user-friendly language, informative text and so on. But what it also has to do is attract readers through the use of SEO techniques. You should know how to promote your blog so that you can appropriately invest your effort and time with the aim of building adequate traffic and visitors to your blog posts.

For those who are just not tuned into SEO techniques, an easy way out would be to take the help of professional writing companies like EssayTigers, provided you have some budget for it. But if you want to manage it on your own, it is not difficult but just requires some awareness and application of SEO tips while writing optimized posts for your blog.

Tools to Select Keywords

SEO writing is all about using the right keywords. So you can start by listing out the all the main words that you think represent the content of your blog. While writing out your keywords think from the readers’ perspective also and what would interest them. You could try to include words that people would generally type when they are looking for some information.

You can find out the effectiveness of your keywords with the help of Google tool. Reach out to the suggestions offered by Google regarding the popular queries with reference to your keywords.

Google offers a more effective tool by way of Google AdWords that makes it easier to choose appropriate keywords for your blog post. Just enter your chosen keywords in their interface and you will get a clear picture of how competitive the keyword is. By clicking on the tab “Competition” you can discern the keywords that are highly competitive and those that are low competitive. A good benchmark would be to strike a balance in the use of both high competitive and low competitive keywords. If your blog is about fashion textiles, you might use the word textiles or fashion in your blog, but these are broad keywords. A more effective way would be to use specialized keywords such as Stylish apparel, leather fabric and so on.

In addition to the popular Google keyword tool you can conduct your research on keyword phrases on:

• Wordtracker;
• Raven Tools;

These tools make your search for keywords a lot easier and could save a lot of your effort.

If you find that certain phrases or keywords are already in high use then it would be best to avoid them and focus instead on targeted words relating to your blog post. You may be having a blog on photography and you may want to write a blog post on the “best digital cameras” as you find that to be one of the popular key phrases. You can start writing an article on your chosen keyword that is related to your blog. Ultimately what cannot be discounted is the quality of the article so that it can get better links and better traffic.

Remember to use your keywords consistently throughout your writing, starting with the title of your blog post. While using keywords, try not to compromise the creativity of your writing, but focus on integrating them smoothly into your text.

Tips to Use Keywords

• Use keywords in the title of your blog post
• Use keyphrase in meta description tags to improve visibility to visitors
• Repeat keyphrases throughout while writing your article
• Use keywords that are relevant to your blog post
• Use keywords within the structure of the URL
• Use keyphrases to describe images related to your blog post for better accessibility
• Avoid random use of keywords which may lead to keyword spamming

Now that you have created your blog posts with the right mix of keywords and phrases, you can be assured of a steady flow of visitors to your blog posts. But remember that it is essential to you not only rank high in the search engine, but also maintain your position. If there is any decline in your ranking, you may have to replace your keywords to match the changing trends.

So you agree that an important aspect of blog writing is to attract high rankings on the search engine. It becomes necessary to invest enough time into SEO apart from creating and maintaining the quality of your blog.