No matter if you have a personal or business blog, getting more readers is always a good thing. If you haven’t been utilizing search engine optimization on your blog, you can make a few changes today that will help increase your blog’s exposure and draw in more visitors.

Check out the tips below for advice on you can you incorporate SEO into your blog:

• Using a free keyword tool you find online, research the most popular keywords related to each blog post you’re going to write. Specific keywords work best—if you use keywords that are really broad, they’re not going to have the effect that you were hoping for.

• Once you’ve chosen relevant keywords, use them throughout your blog post. Since every blog post you write is going to be different, make sure you’re not using the same keywords in each one if they’re not applicable.

• Don’t forget to use the ‘label’ feature that allows you to enter in the keywords you used in your blog post. This will help ensure your blog comes up in search results when people are looking for whatever it is you’ve written about.

• While very helpful, it’s also possible to go overboard with search engine optimization. If you overload your blog posts with keywords thinking it’s going to get you the best possible ranking in the search engines, you’re going to be greatly disappointed. Your blog will start to look like spam, which will lower your blog traffic rates greatly, and you could even get blacklisted from search engines. Keyword-stuffing, whether on your website or on your blog, is never going to help you gain the traffic you want.

• For a credible blog that people are going to enjoy, writing quality content while incorporating strong keywords is essential. Keep in mind that you don’t want someone to read your blog post and immediately know what your keywords are. Try to use SEO keywords in your content as naturally as possible so it doesn’t disrupt the flow of your blog post.

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