How to Get More Comments on Your Blog – GUARANTEED

No matter what kind of blog you have, comments should mean the world to you. It is because of the comments that you get that make you feel that you are actually providing quality content to your readers. A lot of bloggers understand the need for blog comments but they don’t actively pursue them.

The trick to getting more comments on your blog is not just to get more traffic, although that will help out quite a bit. The real trick is to make sure people understand that you value their opinion. A lot of bloggers ask questions to try to get a response but the problem is they are asking the wrong questions or not being persistent enough. So, in order to help you get more comments on your blog I am going to show you exactly what other high profile bloggers have told me.

How to Get More Comments on Your Blog

Don’t Post Too Often – One of the things that I have noticed with newer blogs is that they are being posted on too often. By too often, I am talking about once a day or more. The reason posting too often is a bad thing is because that doesn’t give readers enough time to be active in the comments for that last post. What I suggest is posting no more than 3 times a week, but that all depends on what kind of readers you have. If you have very loyal readers, then posting once a day might work because they will all read ever post that you publish and most will comment on them if they have something interesting to add.

Ask Basic Questions – Have you ever thought that the reason you are not getting a bunch of comments even when you ask questions is because you are not asking basic questions? From what I have seen, many bloggers ask questions using fancy words and place them in odd places of their posts. What you need to do is use very basic level English and put the questions towards the end of your article. This way will help readers keep the questions fresh in their mind.

Give Something Away – Have you thought about giving away a prize to your top commenter every month? Maybe even leaving your links as do-follow. Sometimes the smallest thing will mean the world to somebody else and that will get them to comment more. Just make sure that whatever it is you are giving away is known by your readers, or else you run the risk of still getting very little comments on your blog.

Participate In The Comments Yourself – Are you responding to the questions that your readers are leaving you? Are you ever the first person to comment on your own posts? I know this may seem weird but it works every once in a while because when a reader see’s that there is a comment already on the post then their chances of commenting as well will go up. Trust me, participating in the comments yourself is a great way to get others involved as well.

Getting more comments on your blog might seem like an impossible task but the truth is that putting the above tips into use will get your blog the comments that it needs. What you need to keep in mind is that sometimes it doesn’t happen overnight but as long as you stick to the plan you will start to see a steady flow of comments.

Now, what has been your biggest problem with comments? Is it getting them, getting too much spam, readers not responding to others comments, or you not participating yourself?