Is the comment section on your blog looking a little lonely? If you’ve started a blog and put hard work into creating awesome content, but the comment section is still bare, it can be discouraging. After all, on alone, there are 72 million new comments each month.

Comments on your blog are important to increasing traffic, creating loyal readers, and developing a relationship with your audience. So, how do you get users to comment?

Let’s get the comment section party started! Here’s how to encourage more comments on your blog posts.

Make commenting easy.

If you want your readers to leave comments on your blog post, you need to make commenting as easy as possible for them. Many blogs require readers to sign up for a new account, like with Disqus, to leave a comment. But this discourages many people from commenting at all. While there’s a lot of benefits with a comment tool like Disqus, creating an account to leave a comment is too much work for many users.

So, consider removing those barriers that prevent users from commenting. Rather than a tool like Disqus, you can use the default comment system on WordPress to only require users to type in their name and email address to comment. You could also consider adding Facebook comments to your blog posts, since most people have a Facebook account.

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Pose a question.

A super easy way to encourage more comments on your blog posts is by posing a question at the end of each post. At the end of your posts, instead of saying “Thanks for reading, see you next time” and closing the door to chatter, keep the conversation going. For instance, if you write a post about email marketing, at the end of the article you can ask your readers a question like “Have you started an email list yet? Let me know in the comments below!” This invites readers to comment, making them more likely to take action.

Some other great phrases you can use to get the conversation flowing are:

  • “What are your favorite XYZs?”
  • “What did I miss in this post about XYZ?”
  • “What advice do you have to share regarding XYZ?”
  • “What’s your experience with XYZ?”

Reply to comments.

Another easy way to get more comments on your blog is to reply to comments. If a user comments on your blog post, only to be met with silence, do you think they’re likely to comment again? Probably not. Your loyal readers value your opinion and they want to be noticed too. Replying to comments makes them feel appreciated and gives them a reason to return to your blog again and again.

Plus, if readers see that you’re actively engaging in conversation with others in the comment section, they’ll be more likely to join in too. Replying to comments will not only help you generate more comments on your blog, but it will help you form a stronger connection with your audience.

Don’t forget about your email list.

Your subscribers are your most loyal fans, so don’t forget about your email list. The people on your email list are the ones who are most likely to read your post first, share it, and comment on it. So, when you notify your email subscribers that you’ve got a new post, ask them to comment on it.

Many bloggers don’t realize the importance of asking. Your biggest fans will be happy to do something for you as long as you ask nicely. Of course, make it easy for them to comment by linking the blog post in the email. Don’t forget, you can also use your email marketing service to automatically email your unopens. So, if your subscribers missed your previous email, you can remind them and they won’t miss out on your newest post.

Reward top commenters.

According to psychology, a behavior that is followed by pleasant or desirable consequences is likely to be repeated. This is known as positive reinforcement and you can use it to get more comments on your blog. Basically, if you reward users for commenting on your blog, they’ll be more likely to comment again and again. One way to reward top commenters is by using a tool like De:comments.

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With De:comments, you can award your top commenters badges for their engagement. This gamifies the the commenting process and encourages readers to keep commenting. Your most active commenters will love being recognized and others will comment more in order to earn a badge for themselves.


With these tips for how to encourage more comments on your blog posts, your comment section will no longer be a ghost town. Instead, you’ll have a bustling community full of members who will check in on your blog daily to see what’s going on. Remember, creating engaging blog posts is only the first step, the rest is up to you.