There is currently a huge buzz around blogging. A lot of people achieved tremendous success just by blogging about their interest; talk about Yaro, Seth Godin, and many other probloggers. However, while we look up to and celebrate their success, the happiness and growth is much felt in the climbing process and not while on the top. At first, with the fresh enthusiasm, the road seems clear and easier but after a while, we begin to see it dwindling and becoming clouded with self doubt due to the absence or negligible success.

Just like in mountaineering, first we have to write down a list with all the needed outdoor gear, then pack our equipment and then hit the mountain trail. The same preparation has to be done if we want blogging success too. With this in mind, let’s pack together our blogging backpack in order to hit the blogging trail with success.

Climbing a mountain peak.

How To Climb The Blogging Mountain

In order to make our blogging carrier a success, there are some factors that we must put to consideration. Whether you have started or you are about to launch a blog, you will at some point come to this if you want to enjoy long term blogging success.

You Can’t Blog about Everything: This may not be what you need to hear, but the truth is that you can’t tell everybody everything. Ensure that your blog is in a niche and best still, talk about a specific factor in that niche. Many people preach that we should blog about our interest which is a sure way to launch a blog, but you will reach success easier and faster if you find a common problem within your interest and offer solutions with your blog posts.

Know Your Audience: The world seemed already grouped. Just like you may prefer automobiles, software, or web designing and may want to take it up on your blog, another person may just love medicine, PPC advertising, kayaking or skin care products as much as you love web designing. Any post you write on your blog should be for those who share the same interest and you need to write in the language they will understand. Most times, using individual engaging words and statements which speak to each visitor directly tend to pierce the hardest hearts.

Are Your Posts Right To The Point?

I hate reading five paragraphs to find a point. If you write like this, chances are you will be losing audience instead of building a readership community around your blog. Be direct to the point; if the title of your post says they will learn the solution to a particular problem, give it to them first-hand and explain the details with the following paragraphs, This way, you will win their interest to drive them right to the bottom of every blog post.

Use Post Scheduling Systems

If you find the process of writing and posting to be tedious, you can use post scheduling systems to improve your productivity. With any of these systems, you can write and schedule about 3 posts over the weekend to be posted the following week and have the week for your other activities.

Respond To Questions and Inquiries

If I read a blog with queries and questions that were unattended to, I quickly lose interest, especially where those questions have stayed for a while. It means that the bog wasn’t profitable and the owner has lost hope which is discouraging. When readers ask questions with no response from you, they will gradually lose interest and you might lose more than one reader from such a mistake.