Finding quality blog writers these days can be as hard as finding anyone decent to do a service for you. There are many “cowboys” out there who promise much and fail to deliver. So, how do you answer the question, how do I find blog writers? I hope that I’ll make it simple for you. Let’s start with some of the basics.

how do I find a blog writer

Quality over Price.

There is nothing new about this dilemma. No matter what industry you are in or what service you are looking for, many people fall into this death trap. Choosing price over quality could end up being the worst decision you make. Blog writers are usually as good as their price. If you choose to use sites such as Fiverr, expect to get primarily low-quality results.

Sure, you may get it for a song, but what will you be getting exactly? In many instances, you’ll receive shoddy quality, poor English skills, terrible grammar and spelling, and even sometimes no work at all.

Reputation and Experience.

I am not saying all people on Fiverr and sites like this are bad. It’s where I got started, and I built an outstanding reputation fast! I outgrew this site quickly, though, and moved onto better places for my lead generation.

How do I find blog writers who are high quality?

Simple, look around.

There are plenty of places you can go to hire blog writers of high quality. I spend much of my time on LinkedIn. I find the calibre of people here to be higher and the clients I attract to be outstanding.

Because when it comes to hiring a blog writer whose work is of a high standard, I feel it’s a two-way street. As a client, you must be of a high standard as well. A blog writer can only write as well as the information given. If you fail to be clear on the project’s objective, you can’t expect to get what you truly want.

So, being clear on your objective and the outcome you want is just as important as finding a high calibre blog writer.

So, how do I know they are good enough?

Check out their reviews and their feedback. This is the easiest way to discover if they have what it’s going to take to write your blog for you. In a short period, we collected over 180 five-star reviews for our services. This is what you want to look out for.

Find out if they can write for your particular niche. Also, ask the blogger to provide you with some examples of work they did previously. Naturally, they will put their best work forward, and you can only use this as a guideline, but it’s certainly better than nothing, right?

Do The Legwork.

By doing this legwork in the beginning, i.e., making sure you source the blog writer from higher-quality sites such as LinkedIn, being clear on your objective, and checking out their reputation, you’ll put yourself in place to receive higher quality work. This will save you both time and money, not to mention give you much less angst and frustration. You’ll also find the answer to the question, how do I find blog writers much sooner. Great blog writers are out there ready to help you build your business. You’ve just got to follow some simple steps to locate them, and then you’ll be on your way!