Google Key word tool and the knowledge of how to use it is without doubt the most important weapon you can have in your internet marketing kit bag.

Let me explain:

In order for you to understand why the Google key word tool is so important I need to explain, in very basic terms, how a search engine works. A search engine, or for the purposes of this article, Google, is like a giant indexing system or a library if you will. Every new piece of information that is published is given to Google and then Google indexes that information in the place where it feels will hold most value to the searcher.

Are you with me so far?

If you have written a piece of content about how your business provides purple drain covers in Colorado, then you might assume that Google will index that piece of content under drain covers. Well it might, but the truth is unless you tell Google specifically how you want the piece of content to be indexed then Google will index it for you. This could mean that it could get filed under J for junk or A for the abyss where no one, meaning your potential customers, will ever find it unless they type in word for word the title purple drain covers in Colorado.

Think how your local library works. The books are ordered into similar categories, it could be by type and then alphabetically. Each book is then given unique identifiers so the librarians can find that book if and when they need it.

A Real World Example

When a new book arrives at the library the librarians decided on the next place to index the book, based on the title, the blurb, the topic. They will then give the book an identifier, log that on the system and place the book on the shelves. That way the book can always be found and searchers can be directed to exactly where in the stacks it is.

Google uses the information given when indexing to store and direct searchers to the information. Using the Google Key word tool gives you information as to the best possible way to catalogue your information so you can make it easy for Google to store your information in the place where your targeted users will find it.

Google key word tool – How do I get access to it?

Well here is the best part; the Google key word tool is absolutely free. All you need to do is go to Google and type in the keyword phrase “Google keyword tool” and click on the result.

In order to get more than a maximum of 50 results and to avoid having to enter a captcha every time it is best to login with your Gmail account. If you don’t have one just sign up to get one as it will make the process a lot easier.

One thing to bear in mind with Google keyword tool is that the results that it provides will also include results based on its ad network so the search quantities can vary and should be taken with a pinch of salt to some extent.

What benefits will the Google key word tool have for me?

Now you have access to the Google key word tool you can start using it to find low competition keywords that will drive targeted traffic to your website or blog. Without a consistent stream of traffic running towards your blog you will not even be able to begin the process of converting those visitors into leads, paying customers or long term business partners.

How do I use the Google Key word tool?

First off, even before you start searching for your website or your niche, to start seeing how many searches per month there are you need to understand the difference between the different search terms; such as keyword, key phrase, long tail key word phrase, exact or broad searches.

Understand your customer.

Start thinking about your perfect customer. What do they do? What do they like? What problems do they have? By asking yourself these types of question then you will get an insight into the way they think and be able to use the key word tool to really drill down and find targeted keywords.

Find long tail Keywords

If you have a flower shop, then the chances of ranking No1 in Google for the term flowers, are slim to none unless you are willing to invest a lot of money and time to do it. You need to use knowledge gained in the understanding your customer piece to get more targeted. For example, “small pink carnations” might not have as many searches and as a result there should be less competition to rank against for that term.

Assess the competition

Imagine “purple drain covers” gets 1000 searches a month but ranked in the first place in Google search is “the purple drain cover company” do you think that you can get that first spot? What about any one of the spots on the first page? The point is if you don’t hit the first page for your search term then you will get very little traffic. So before you start writing and going through all the blog promotion tactics you need to be able to discover whether it truly is possible to rank for that term else you could be wasting a lot of time.

Keyword placement

Once you have the keywords that will provide you with the traffic you are looking for, you need to know how and where to position these keywords so Google can index your content for your targeted searcher to find them.

As you can see, the Google key word tool is a very, very powerful asset for getting your business found online. Without it, and more importantly, without the knowledge and skills on how to use it, you will find that your content is just lost in the black hole that can be the internet giving your potential customers no chance of finding you.