Has your blog gone the way of your latest diet?

Remember when it felt new and exciting? You couldn’t wait to write your next post, and as soon as that post went live, you couldn’t wait to log in to see if anyone commented on your latest thought provoking position on the state of your industry.

But, there was nothing.

That’s fine, these things take time.

So off you went to create your next post.

This time, you really thought through the topic. You researched the facts. You carefully formed your point of view on the topic and wrote a very poignant post on the topic.

Boy, that felt good! Can’t wait to hear what people think of that!

Day after day you logged in to see the comments.


And so the cycle began. You became a little less enthusiastic with every post until keeping up your blog just drifted away like that last attempt to lose a few pounds.

You Can’t Stop Now!

Content marketing has never been more important than it is today. If you believe in the Inbound Marketing strategy, at all, then you are fully aware of the importance of content and your blog should be at the center of your content marketing universe.

Blogs are vitally important to every aspect of your digital marketing efforts. Every time that you post a blog, that is another opportunity to get another page indexed by the search engines. The more pages you get indexed, the better your search visibility becomes. In fact, the way that Google’s algorithm works, every blog post and subsequent index increase the visibility of the rest of your website pages.

Getting traffic to your blog will also help you with your social media marketing efforts. You know how hard it is to figure out what to write on your social pages? Now, just divide up your latest blog post into multiple social posts. This is going to bring consistency to your content marketing and it’s going to make the headache-inducing task of trying to figure out what to write, a little less painful.

Ok, How Can I Stick To It This Time

Here’re are a few ideas on getting traffic to your blog.

#1Be Consistent: Don’t publish a post today, a week from now, then 2 days later, and then 3 weeks after that. Pick a schedule that you can live with and be sure to publish on that schedule. One of the biggest challenges in getting traffic to your blog is getting people to realize that it’s active.

#2 Speak To Your Audience: Make sure that what you write about is going to answer a question or problem that your audience is wrestling with

.getting traffic to your blog#3 Use Images: An image placed in your post at every 75-100 words will increase the likelihood of your post being shared by at least 30%. Just make sure that your images are relevant to the topic of the post.

#4 Link Out: Put a link in your post to a reputable site that contains support for your point of view, or cite a website that you got some stats from. By linking to another site, your actually helping them and they may share your post.

#5 Don’t Forget Search: Your blog posts are great opportunities to build your search visibility. Include key-phrases in your posts, just like you would for your website pages.

#6 Use Social: Make sure that you promote each and every blog post across all of your social media accounts, with a link taking the reader back to the blog post.

#7 Share: You’re creating great content, share it with the world. Look for other places to place this same content. Guest blogs, Reddit, industry blogs. Basically, anyplace that your target audience spend time is a great opportunity to get more use out of the content that you’re creating.

Just Like A Diet

Blogs are just like a diet. You have to commit to the goal and be consistent well before you see the results…but do it correctly and getting traffic to your blog will happen.