What is Blogging?

The Oxford Dictionary states it as “A personal website or web page on which an individual records opinions, or links to other sites on a regular basis.” It is also short for weblog. Featuring on your website (or a specific blog itself) they can be on a range of subjects and from a personal or business point of view. Many people may write a blog in their own time on topics they are particularly passionate about or a place to put their musings, they are commonly referred to as ‘bloggers’. For businesses they can be so much more, a place to broadcast your latest news and updates for all to see.

Why is blogging important?

It gives a genuine reason for people to visit your website. It can be regularly updated often to incorporate the latest news both of your company and the outside world. You can utilise it to offer advice or guides which are of real value to your audience.

When starting up your blog try to position yourself as industry leaders in your respective field. Also, aim to develop relationships with your audience and this will in turn drive more traffic to website. Supporting this with social media and further outreach will only aid in spreading the awareness of your blog and further visits to your site.

Blogging is also a great example of sticky content, and by this we mean the type of thing people come to your website to read and hang around often. Often improving your bounce rates: and while they’re there they might then read another blog or take a further nose around your site and what you do which might then generate a lead. At this point we’ve turned a blog into revenue. However we must also mention that from time to time it can also have a negative on bounce rate. This is due to people who may come to your site to read a specific blog post and then leave. The silver lining is that this is still traffic to your site and that your content is worth reading.

Blogging is also extremely useful for Search Engine Optimisation. Among other things it allows you to add in keywords that you may be trying to rank for (don’t overuse them however). This will also help the performance of your website overall.

Never forget what to include in your blog for SEO again with our helpful SEO Blog Checklist.