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Now your company is finally trying out this whole “blogging” thing and it doesn’t seem like you’re getting the response you had hoped for. You feel like your topics are not quite what everyone’s itching to read about, but you sort of knew that going into this. So what is going to perk up people’s ears?

Before throwing in the towel you should see if you are doing the simple procedures of following a system on your blog, having engaging topics that catch the reader’s attention, conversing two ways with your listeners, and using social media to widen your audience.

Dependability Is Key

If you only post blogs a few times a week, your readers are going to get bored and won’t visit your page as frequently. Most company blogs post about once day, which is a great way for there always to be a new conversation starting with your readers. You want to keep them wanting to see what topics are relevant to them and the more often you post, the better chance that is you lose them one day, you can grab them back in on the next one.

Choose Exciting Topics

Sometimes company blogs are very bland and dry with not a lot of engaging content. If you as the blogger don’t sound enthusiastic about your topic, then most likely your reader will feel the same. Write in a way that’s informative and fun and makes the reader want to know more about the topic, while still leaving a few questions unanswered. This helps with the next step of conversing with your readers. After jazzing up the content, don’t forget to have an eye-catching blog title to pull the reader in. Otherwise, your fun-filled blog will go unnoticed and no one wants that.

Make It a Conversation

A lot of blogs from various companies sound like they’re coming straight out of a robot. People want to hear what other people are saying. It comes off more approachable when you can tell that a real life person is trying to engage in a conversation with you, rather than some computer just spilling out information.

Use Social Media to Your Advantage

Many blogs are active on social media and readers are not always aware that this is the case. Using social media to broaden your reach is a great way to gain a larger audience for your blog. The great thing about social media is that not everything you post has to be super serious and incredibly relevant to your blog topics, but instead it’s more about being a part of the wider social conversation with people. So post something fun once in a while and see how people respond!

Now you’re all set to start blogging away and getting more readers! We’d love to hear your stories and experiences with blogging in the comments below!