Why Friday is the Worst Time to Publish a Blog Post
Why Friday is the Worst Time to Publish a Blog Post

You want the most eyes possible on your blog post, right? So you’d like to know when to post, the same as all of us. I’ve been posting on Thursday mornings at 7 a.m., Pacific Time. But others may like the beginning of the week, or the weekend. Why not Friday, you say? After all, that way you have the whole week to write your article.

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The News Dump

Friday is known as a “news dump day.” that is, bad news or news that media outlets don’t want to be noticed goes out on Fridays. Yes, it’s a thing, and you can read about it in the Political Dictionary. If you must publish something, but don’t want anyone to notice, send it on Friday.

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The Zombie Apocalypse That No One Knew About

If you want to keep the zombie apocalypse quiet, or want no one to know about that affair the President is having, you could quietly release it on Friday. By the way, here’s an article about how a zombie apocalypse would be better than having an old school social media manager that you might like.

So if Friday is a bad time, when is a good time?
So if Friday is a bad time, when is a good time?

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Thursday and Saturday Mornings Rank High

Thursday and Saturday mornings, according to this article in Kissmetrics, The Science of Social Timing, are both good times to post, depending upon your audiences. Men are more likely to read an article at night, and women in the morning. Additionally, Coschedule has a nifty long article, When is the Best Time to Publish a Blog Post that again emphasizes that mornings are the best.

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Fridays Are Pre-Weekend Days

Think about it. Mondays everyone keeps their head down, is trying to get over the weekend, and is focused on themselves and getting the work done. And on Fridays, people are looking forward to the weekend. Isn’t that how you are? Then why would your audience be any different? Some people don’t even work a full day on Friday, instead keeping their eye on the clock and how much time they have left before they leave.

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It Depends on Your Audience

Of course if your audience is around on Fridays because your audience consists of pescatarians looking for fish recipes, then Friday would be the perfect time to publish. So keep in mind that you should take these recommendations with a huge grain of salt and test, test, test. Speaking of audiences, you might like this article, Audience: Use Their Language.

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What’s Your Favorite Day to Publish?

If you’re a blogger, when do you like to publish your article? Have you done any testing? Let me know in the comments! Thank you.

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