Sometimes you have the best intentions as a business owner, and it all goes downhill from there. Maybe you’re already sold on the idea that content is the key to business success in the digital age. That means either sitting down to write, or hiring a marketing writer to take care of that aspect for you. Either are workable options.

The thing is, once you’re motivated to work, it’s easy to find yourself stuck. If you land in any of these five blogging traps, here’s what you can do about it:

  • You’re Feeling The Pressure To Constantly Publish. If standing out online is all about content, then you need to publish every day, and produce a TON of content, right? Not necessarily. What you need is good content. You need strong content. You need the type of content you can be reasonably assured that your readers aren’t finding in other places. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. If that’s 5x a week, good for you. If it’s twice a month, that’s OK too. I’ve gone through several publishing cycles on my blog, here. The bottom line is to publish when you have something to say.
  • You Lack Blog Ideas. With that pressure to constantly publish, you’re always looking for blog ideas, and sometimes having trouble finding them. Well, here’s the thing…They’re everywhere. What kind of questions have your customers been asking you? What have you been reading about in industry blogs and magazines? Heck, what have you been reading about or watching outside your industry? Some of my more successful blogs have tied the sports teams or TV shows I’m obsessed with into my work. Bring new ideas in. It works. Find something you’ve already written. Expand on the idea. Take it somewhere else. Turn a bullet point into a blog. There’s a lot of directions you can go to find new blog ideas.
  • It’s A Good Idea, But It’s Already Been Said. Maybe you found an idea, but you don’t feel that it’s too original. Well, it may be time to repackage it. If we’re talking about an industry news story, give us your opinion on it. Your readers are in need of an expert. Give them your take, but back it up with a strong supporting argument. If it’s a list or tips, do what you can to freshen up the tips. Give us something we haven’t read in five places before we get to your blog.
  • You’re Just Not Good At Putting Your Thoughts On Paper. Sometimes it all sounds great upstairs, and when you sit in front of the blank screen to write, you freeze. Well, it’s a human reaction. Here’s the thing…Spill your demons anyway. Just get it out. If you’re blogging on WordPress, there’s a handy little feature called “save draft.” That means it doesn’t have to be published right away, or at all. Just throw it onto the screen. You can always go back and make it sound pretty later. I guarantee you’ll feel better having that draft out there, than not having anything at all. Once it’s there, edit for concept, and edit for grammar. That’s where you can go back and rework it. Editing as you write kills your creativity.
  • Your Grammar and Spelling Need Work. Well, this is important. You need to understand the tools to truly have an impact in the medium. That being said, you can still write a rough draft. From that point, go back and edit and look things up as you go. Make sure you’re using the right forms of the words, spelling things correctly, etc. If the second look is too much, you can always seek out an extra set of eyes before you publish.

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