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Let’s face it. The hardest thing about blogging is getting people to read your work.

You can write exceptional blog posts, but without solid promotion, no one will read it. As you know, that defeats the whole purpose of blogging.

The goal of creating exceptional content is to get found, gain trust and grow your business. The blog post title is the first step in achieving each of those lofty goals.

One essential component of writing exceptional blog posts is your blog post title. This short phrase needs to be powerful and poignant without causing any sense of confusion about what the blog will discuss.

Because each word matters, many people struggle to craft strong blog post titles. To help, here are four of my best tips for writing a click-worthy title.

1. Start With Something Basic

There’s a lot of pressure to come up with a strong title for your blog post. Don’t let that bog you down.

Start with something basic. Your first title likely won’t be the final version. Instead, it’ll serve as the foundation that you can work from.

Remember, blog post titles don’t have to be the first thing you write. By jotting down a basic working title first, you can focus your piece and revisit the title later. Many times, the best title will come to you while you’re expanding on each of your important points – not before.

A good, focused blog post is usually only about one topic with a few supporting points. Before you begin, figure out what you want to write about. – David Boozer,

2. Keep It Simple…

There’s a tendency to use clever prose instead of clarity. This is a big mistake that can cost you readership.

Keep your titles simple and to the point. The purpose should be to give your reader a glimpse of what they will learn when clicking over to your post to dig in. It shouldn’t leave any question about what you’ll discuss. Instead, it should spark interest by clearly promising to answer a need, question, or struggle.

3…But Make it Pop

Once you have the clear title in place, spice it up a little bit. Although you want to keep the title easy-to-understand and eliminate confusion, you don’t have to hide behind bland text. Here are a few ways you can bring your blog post headlines to life:

make your blog post title pop

  • Use alliteration – It catches the eye of a reader, rolls off the tongue quickly, and is fun to say out loud. Even if you just use alliteration to pop out a few words or a phrase, it works.
  • Show passion – Let your freak flag fly! Show passion about the topic by using stronger language to convey your excitement. You’ll instantly get your readers fired up too, so they’re more likely to click over. But be warned. Using strong language excessively can be a turn-off. Find the right balance for you.
  • Make ‘em laugh – A good pun. A good joke. A good sense of humor. Each of these will catch your reader’s attention. It might feel a little bit cheesy, but it can grab someone’s attention a lot faster than a boring, bland title.
  • Offer something spectacular – Big promises, such as saving someone’s business, will instantly spark the attention of your reader. But be warned! Don’t make this claim if you can’t follow through on your promise. Show off value and then smack your reader across the face with the answers she sought when clicking over to your blog.

4. Shorter is Better

In the last step, before you hit publish, you’ll want to reign in your excitement and revisit the working title you started with. Have you kept the title clear and still managed to squeeze in a little bit of cleverness? Good. Now, it’s time to shorten it up.

Keeping a blog post title concise isn’t only necessary for the reader. On social media and in search engine results, you have a limited amount of space to hook your reader and get them to click. The shorter you can make your title, the better.

Your Turn

Writing your post title can be one of the toughest parts of any blog. If you’re still feeling stuck or want to check out a few more examples of great headlines, check out these 10 blog post title templates from Copyblogger.

Looking for a comprehensive approach to creating blog posts? Be sure to download our blog post checklist below.

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