Patch the greyhound
Photo credit: Jacob Brickman

Keeping your company blog up to date with fresh content can be a source of stress and pressure or a source of warm leads – prospective customers who are already interested in and knowledgeable about your business.

It’s time to stop thinking about your blog like it’s a hungry beast demanding to be fed, and treat it like a faithful companion whose only wish is to earn your praise.

  1. Step into the role of alpha dog – Just as a pet needs to know its place, so does your blog. Be sure everyone on your team understands where blogging fits into your overall business goals and marketing strategy. Then show your blog who’s boss and remember that it works for you, not the other way around.
  2. Get on a schedule – It’s easier for the whole family when a pet’s sleep and bathroom routines are predictable. Though an editorial calendar can make you feel boxed in at first, over time you’ll appreciate how this external structure helps you avoid sleepless nights or thrown-together posts that look like a dog’s breakfast.
  3. Practice positive reinforcement – Most dogs thrive on positive attention and learn quickly to repeat whatever they did to get it. Track which of your posts and promotional methods get the best responses, and keep doing more of the same. While you’re at it, acknowledge yourself and others for your hard work.
  4. Give enough exercise, discipline and love – Cesar Millan of TV’s The Dog Whisperer says dogs need a balance of all three. Exercise your writing and editorial skills and they will get stronger. Discipline your team to adhere to your schedule and blogging strategy and you’ll get higher quality posts. Focus on content that is relevant and helpful to your customers, and they will feel the love.
  5. Encourage socialization – Socialization doesn’t always come naturally (Patch the greyhound learned how to play with other breeds at Thee Place for Paws). Posting links to your blog posts gives you a head start on your social media conversations, but don’t stop there. By commenting, liking and sharing posts from other business blogs, your company becomes part of a network of valuable thought leadership in your industry.

Successful business blogging is as much about mindset as it is about tactics. The next time you feel like the beast is raging at the door, shift your perspective and see your blog for what it really is – a tool that fetches your company’s unique message and drops it at the feet of the people who need the solutions you provide.