We all have the same purpose when it comes to living in the online world of today. We all strive to become the greatest in our field of expertise and have a horde of audience that listens and cooperates in our ideas. I mean that’s why we create our blogs in the first place, don’t we? But reaching that level of brilliance requires a lot of effort, creativity and most importantly traffic. Yes. You need to attract all the users to your posts so that you can spread your name around.

The question as old as the online era remains. How to do that? How to bring as much people as possible to you? Surprise! I actually have the answer. Follow my lead as I will teach you how to drive all the traffic to your blog and hold it in your grasp.

Drama Queen

Group of cheerleaders in action with male coach - Concept of unity and team sport - Training at college high school with young female teenagers

If you’ve always wondered how those cheerleaders at high school managed to gather all the students around them, now you have it. Drama Queen. Those girls are usually drama queens and it’s what their surroundings like. That’s exactly why you must now become one of them. Being a drama queen is nothing more than adding a little juicy spice to every blog post. It can be a personal story, an anecdote or a lovely metaphor that will make the words you write more believable and relatable. It’s not called drama for nothing, is it?

People like to read a piece of some other life, so your story will quickly find its way on every user’s screen and there you have your wanted traffic.

For instance check Kevin Duncan out. He always plays the drama queen card and begins his posts with anecdotes that attract the readers. Think of something interesting and in the same time close to you and implement it in your posts. You won’t regret it. That I can promise you.

Headlines – magnets to your posts!


Without further ado, I’ll tell you openly. No good headlines – no traffic. It’s as simple as that. The first thing people see when they come to your blog are the headlines of all your posts. So you better learn how to write them in the most compelling way possible and use them to make the people stay as long as possible reading your posts. It may seem hard but it’s not at all. Especially with CoSchedule at your aid. It is a free tool that enables you to analyze the strength of your headline and decide whether to keep it or edit it.

For instance, if you’re a food blog and you’ve written an article on desserts in your country then you surely won’t put a headline “Desserts in my country”. You’ll have to dig deeper in your imagination and come up with something like “The most delicious desserts on the globe are guess where?” or “The sweet taste of my country” or “The place where dreams are sweet” or something like that. Then you can paste the headline in the tool and it’ll give you analytics and scores of how good it actually is. Piece of cake, right?

What’s buzzing?


Obviously I’m not talking about going to a hive to hear the bees buzzing, but it’s quite similar. You have to find out what the world is buzzing about during the day and write about topics connected to that. The traffic you so dearly desire will come to hear it with you or should I better say read it from you. That’s what you aim at right?

To help you with the bees and the buzzing topics I give you Google Trends, BuzzSumo, Feedly or Buzzfeed. Just head over to these and see a topic that’s trending for the day. Let’s say that it’s the premiere of the movie everyone is waiting for the whole year. In the food blog example, you surely won’t blog about the recipe for some cake. Instead you’ll focus your post around the movie with posts like “What to eat during the premiere”, “What do the leading actors want to eat most”, “Food mentioned in the movie”. Stuff like that. The traffic will go absolutely crazy!

Be the rabbit!

Fresh young carrots on a wooden background

I’m sure you know the story about the race between the rabbit and the turtle. Even though the turtle turns out to be smarter and wins, that’s not really applicable in blogging. Of course you have to be smart but being the fastest is more important here. Why? Well, my friend, when it comes to driving traffic to you it’s all about the speed.

The speed with which the pages of your blog open, the speed with which the users can find your blog and not to forget the speed with which you reply to their comments. Yes. Believe it or not, replying on the comments as soon as you see them can be very helpful and rewarding. By responding to their comments, the users feel more special and the simple knowledge that you have read their comment will make more and more come to your posts every day. Sounds crazy? It actually isn’t. Just show your devotion to your readers in time and you’ll see the positive results, I’m sure. It pays off to be the rabbit in real life, doesn’t it?

Go on the grapevine!


The saying “I heard it on the grapevine” is not in vain. All the maids shared every detail and gossip concerning the big houses they worked in there. Today, however, we don’t whisper among the vines because we have our good old social media. Someone will post a status update or a tweet and suddenly half of the world knows what’s going on. Use that in your advantage.

There’s not a better place than Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest to spread the word about your blog. Just be as active as you can be and share news about blog posts you’ve recently written, join in trending hashtags and reach out to people who will promote you and help you gain the wanted traffic.

Traffic is food for your blog and what makes it go forward with you as the leader and the brain behind the amazing blog posts. The biggest issue in the blogging world, as you surely know, is getting recognized. Sometimes the quality of the blog posts isn’t relevant and no matter what or how you write, you may stay anonymous. With the above mentioned points, I am a 100 percent positive that you’re going to achieve fame. Users will flood your blog every day and success will sprout from every corner. So, don’t miss out on that and start working NOW!