Creating relevant, useful content for your blog on a consistent basis can be daunting, especially when you consider industry standards suggest you do so on a DAILY basis. Who has time for that?  When you factor in taking care of clients/customers, business development/sales and combine it with working to ensure your company is running smoothly, there is little time left, if any. I mean c’mon, there are only 24 hours in a day. Sheesh… Repurpose content

I get it. It’s hard. Sometimes, the writing is the easy part—it’s the coming up with new topics that take the most time. If you’ve at least started creating content and posting it on a blog you’re in good shape and these suggestions should help give you some inspiration for recycling that gold you worked so hard on initially. Seriously, don’t recreate the wheel when all your car needs is a tune-up.

1.    Change the format of your content.

If you originally posted a written blog about a particular process you use that solves a problem, consider taking that same information and doing a quick video clip showing the process or visually demonstrating an outcome. If the process is proprietary, you could talk about it with your company or factory in the background. No need for a long video clip or special equipment. Just a short piece that uses the same content you had before, but presents it in a different way. The best blogs vary the way the content is presented—short posts/long posts, videos, pictures, infographics, and so on.

2.    Update an old post with a new headline and fresh new facts.

If you did a post that included some facts from the previous year, you could update it with the new information and repost it. Oftentimes people will come back to you looking for that information and this is a simple and easy way to have new content without spending all the time writing something completely new.

3.    Use “throwback” or “from the archives” to bring back an old post.

If you’re on Facebook (and I hope you are), you’ve probably noticed people using #TBT as they post old photos. TBT means “Throwback Thursday” and it’s a day for people and companies to bring back something old—whether from a year ago, or 50+ years ago. Some other iterations of this concept are “Flashback Friday” or “Transformation Tuesday.” One of our favorites is a recent blog post by HubSpot: Nostalgia Ahead! What Your 20 Favorite Websites Used to Look Like #TBT

4.    Offer another perspective on an older post.

If you have a post that looks at the future of manufacturing or the state of health care today, write a short lead-in paragraph or two providing some historical facts or a look back that tees it up in a different way. Then, you can post it as new content but you didn’t have to write an entirely new blog entry.

5.    Reuse content from your traditional marketing materials (a brochure, PowerPoint, website) to create a new blog post.

Many companies incorporate customer testimonials into their brochures or post on their websites. These testimonials can be fleshed out to become new content on your blog. Add some pictures and tell that story via a new blog post so regardless of what medium customers and potential customers are using, they can find success stories and testimonials easily. One testimonial can equal one blog post so you could essentially create a monthly or weekly “success” story on your blog if you have several. Consistency is key.

If you remember nothing else, it’s not just the content you post but the frequency with which you post. Each new post shows Google you have relevant, keyword-rich information for them to consider. It’s easy to become overwhelmed by content creation but with a little creativity and out-of-the-box thinking it is simpler than you think.