Guest blog posting is an important tactic for helping increase traffic to your website or blog. But, so many people seem to value quantity ahead of quality and focus. If you want to be successful with guest blog posting it’s imperative that you follow these guidelines for effective guest posting.

1. Perfect Your Bio

When you guest blog for people, you are usually given a bio box at the end of your blog post of about two or three lines. It’s important that you optimize your bio for each place that you plan to place your guest posts. Don’t use a generic one for all places. The links should take the reader to a specific landing page based on where the reader read the post.

2. Be Choosey

Don’t just put your guest blog posts anyplace. Ideally you want the blog you guest post on to have the same or higher ranking than yours has. In addition, you want the place where you place guest posts to be related to your niche. The audience needs to be full of potential customers.

3. Name Drop

When you guest blog post for someone, it’s a great idea to drop names inside your blog post. You are usually offered a couple of in-text links. If you can link to popular bloggers within your niche by quoting them, it’s likely that the guest blog post will get shared with their audience – thus increasing the eyes reading your guest blog post.

4. Target

You already know that you should target your audience, but when you guest post for someone you need to adjust and target their audience. Read some of the other guest blog posts that have a lot of comments and try to see what they have in common. Reading the comments will help you get to know their audience.

5. Use Keywords

It’s important that you do enough keyword research so that you know what keywords to use inside your guest blog post. You want the blog post to generate traffic for a long time to come so use keywords that improve your ranking, boosts your reputation and gives you credibility within your niche.

6. Use Anchor Text Strategically

Most places in which you will post guest blog posts will be thrilled if you link within your text to more of their content. Choose the articles and other content well. Choose appropriate keywords as your anchor text. If you’ve guest posted for the blog before, link to your own posts.

7. Promote

It’s important that you promote everything you write. That is especially true when you participate in guest blog posting. Use all avenues, from your own blog to your social media accounts, to promote your blog post. You should be super proud of your post, enough to scream about it from the rafters.

8. Follow Up

When people comment on your guest blog post, follow up with them with your own comments. In addition, consider placing a relevant blog post inside your own blog about your guest blog post. This will increase the chance for readers to see it and endear you to the blog owner for whom you’re guest posting.

By following these eight tips you’ll become a pro at guest blogging effectively. Not only will you generate traffic to the online real estate that you wish to, you’ll also garner the respect of the owners of the blogs you contribute to.