They say three makes a crowd…but what does 250 million make?Dont-Get-Lost-in-the-Content-Crow

Answer: the blogosphere.

As audiences continue to witness the dramatic rise in blog popularity, bloggers continue to be on the lookout for new ways to stay ahead of the trends for success.

So in the midst of all that content, how do you make sure your piece gets noticed?

Here are the top eight ways to make your blog stand out from the virtual crowd:

1)  Share the Responsibility

They say two minds are better than one and three are better than two, and…well, you get it. The point is that they are right. The more input you can get to find new blog title ideas and new ways to deliver your content, the better. A great way to get input from outside your typical circle is to bring in guest bloggers.

2)  Research, Research, Research!

Read blogs and articles about anything and everything that relates to your niche market. Even read some that don’t relate to your topic to get structure and style ideas. Research for a blog can’t be done in a day or a week; it is a constant, daily gathering of information. You are branding yourself as an expert in the subject you are blogging, so be one.

3)  Make a Plan and Stick to It

A movie director would never go shoot a major motion picture without taking the time to schedule when each scene would be filmed, right? Just as a blogger would never go into a blog without planning the ideas they’ll be writing about. Make an editorial calendar and plan out blog topics in advance. More importantly, stick to that calendar consistently to create a blog your readers can rely on.

4)  Be Spontaneous

Wait…doesn’t this contradict number three? Not quite. Always make a schedule that you can stick to, but contintue to be on the lookout for social media stunts and blogosphere uproars that can happen right in the middle of your carefully scheduled posts. If you want to write about a current trend or event, go for it! You can always push that schedule back to stay in the now.

5)  Enjoy What You Do

This may seem cheesy and obvious, but it’s something all bloggers must keep in mind. There will be days without anyone sharing your posts, days with no comments, and days when you yourself aren’t sure if your blog is headed in the right direction; write the blog anyway! They say it takes a year of blogging to get a significant number of dedicated followers, so in the mean time all you have is your interest in what you are writing and your choice to make it great.

6)  Design What You Would Like to See

The phrase “treat others as you would like to be treated” can directly be applied to blog design. Creating a website is an intricate process that revolves around making your space unique while still maintaining the correct vision. Above all else, make it a site with the functionality that your readers are looking for, but with a design you would want to look at.

7)  Add a Visual Element 

The old saying determined that “a picture is worth a thousand words.” This is especially true for bloggers, where a photo can draw someone in to read your words. Visuals are the best way to get a reader to notice your blog when it is posted on social media and call attention to your content.

8)  Never Forget the Audience

Companies get caught up in the idea that a blog is about them—their image, their brand, their logo—but they’re wrong. Blogging is about the reader. Someone chooses to read your blog above others to be educated and/or entertained. That’s what you should be out there to do. Show them exactly what you have spent your time studying and learning about, for their benefit, not yours.

Did I miss something? Let me know what you do to set your blog apart in the comments section below. Happy blogging!