There are so many types of blogs. What type is yours?

There is a way besides Facebook to keep your friends and associates updated on the events in your life. It is a sort of personal diary that can be viewed by many, but it is much more than that. It is what is known as a blog.

A blog is simply an online journal on which you can share your thoughts or activities on a regular basis. The term “blog” is a combination of the words “web” and “log.” Blogging is the act of writing or maintaining a blog. Most everyone knows about blogs, but many are unaware of the different types of blogs.

These include:

Personal Blog: this is the most commonly-known blog type and is the type that most closely fits the definition of an online diary or journal on which one can post one’s poems or other pieces of literature.

Cultural Blog: Discusses music, art, theater and culture in general.

Topical Blog: Focuses on any topic the blogger desires. Search engines love it.

Business Blog: Promotes any type of business or discusses management, economics or the stock market.

Science Blog: Is used to disseminate scientific information and data. However, some scientists, believing that the informal nature of a blog could damage the credibility of their science, may use this only for simple scientific data.

Moblog – Not surprisingly, a blog devoted to the mobile phone.

Collaborative Blog: A blog that is contributed to by two or more writers and is often open to others as well.

Eclectic Blog: Focuses on multiple niches.

Educational Blog: A blog used by students to record their activities and what they learn in their classes.

Directory Blog: Compiles links to other resources and may also focus on news and happenings.

Forum blog: Allows two or more people to post discussions and serves as an Internet forum.

Photo Blog: A blog on which one shares one’s photography.

Spam blog (Splog): A blog that lacks useful content. It may contain little other than bald-faced advertisements or information rehashed from other sites.

There are many options available online for creating a blog. In many cases they are free, and there is no reason that you cannot create a blog, too. Blogging is open to Macs, PCs or mobile devices such as the iPad.

Here is how to do so:

1. Familiarize yourself with the many sites available that offer blog features. Many offer free accounts as well.

2. You can choose to share your blog postings with anyone or with only a few. Many sites offer a password feature to keep all but a small clique from accessing your blog.

3. Most blogging sites will give you an option to choose your blog scheme, color theme, layout and so on according to your tastes and personality.

4. On some services such as WordPress, you can queue up multiple blog posts at one time and set them to post automatically. WordPress also has an app for the iPhone that allows you to update your blog while on the go.

To attract readers, hone your writing skills, try to keep your blog interesting, and be sure to check your posts for spelling and grammar mistakes. The most successful blogs are written on topics the blogger is passionate about.

A blog is a great way to communicate with others and to share your passions and interests. Blogs offer an easy and effective way to deliver information, so choose a blogging platform that works for you, and start sharing what you have to offer with the rest of the world.

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