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Create a Better Blog Post by Utilizing Structure

Have you ever read a blog post and at the end you are left scratching your head wondering what point the author was trying to make? It happens often, and it is due to the fact that so many people are concerned with just putting out content, rather than putting out content that makes sense. They assume that as long as they are cranking out blog posts that their blog content will be satisfied.

This is a horrible approach. The only way your blog posts are going to help your business is if they are interesting and simple to digest. Well thought out blog posts are structured well. They have headings, sub-headings, bullets and numbers to organize lists, and they are written is small paragraphs of information that is easy to follow. Failing to have structure is just one of many business blog mistakes you need to avoid.

Create Better Blog Posts by Utilizing Structure

There are several reasons why utilizing structure will help you produce better quality blog content.

Increased Productivity

If you are not organized it will really cut into your productivity. Most business owners are on a tight schedule as it is, and have to squeeze in time to write blog content, so give yourself an edge by being more organized.

By outlining your blog posts before you begin writing it gives you the easy job of just completing each section. This allows you to give your full attention to each point, helping to create higher quality content. Don’t think it makes a huge difference? Start a blog post from the beginning with no structure and it might take you 30 – 45 minutes just to come up with some content. Now, start with a nice structured post and watch how quickly you can complete the pieces. Having structure will allow you to not only create quality blog posts, but you will also cut your writing time in half!

Create More Blog Content

When you have a well structured format for your blog posts it will actually help you create more content. When you don’t need to think about how you are going to format your posts you only have one thing to worry about: creating more great content that your readers are going to love and share. If your readers connect with your content it will help improve the relationship between them and your brand, and when they start sharing your content it helps your exposure and also has search engine optimization benefits as well.

Use a simple content management system such as WordPress and establish your structure and formatting in the beginning. It makes it easier, but it also gives all of your blog posts a nice consistent look and feel.

Readers Absorb Your Message Better

When you present your blog content in a well structured manner your readers are going to be able to absorb your message better. At quick glance they will be able to immediately see the main points of the post by looking at the headings and scanning over the post. The majority of the visitors that land on your blog posts are just going to scan the content. Most people will quickly scan it, so making sure that it is well structured will help the readers get the full message even if they do just scan through it.

Helps You Focus on Creativity

When you have a good blog structure to work with it allows you to focus on adding great content to each section of the blog post. If you start a post without structure you will spend your time trying to figure out how to work all of your ideas and information into the content. When you have structure established before you start, it allows you to just focus on the creativity of your blog post.

Imagine if you were doing a list post. Wouldn’t it be a good idea to structure the post first and know how many items will be included in the list before you start creating the post? Without the structure in place your list could be endless. Establishing the structure beforehand gives you a starting and ending point for the post.

As you can see, simply adding structure to your blog posts can help boost the overall performance for your business blog. Every business knows they need to have an online presence in order to compete these days, and now most businesses have a blog. While most businesses might have a blog, not all of them are working. Stand out from your competition by taking the steps necessary to have an effective blog.