Businesses have ventured out into different channels to forge an emotional connection with their customers. Along with social media, blogging is now a common feature in company websites. It enables businesses to engage with their customers at a more personal level. The problem is: how do you balance marketing, SEO, and engagement?

Here are tips that can help small businesses build a relatable and professional company blog.

Know your audience.
Customers may prefer the same thing, but that doesn’t mean they bought it for the same reasons. Each customer comes from a different background and set of circumstances. Naturally, a supplier would have a different set of customers with different needs from the online retailer. Know your audience and who you’re writing for. This will help make your blog more relatable.

Write from the customer’s perspective.
In relation to #1, write with the customer in mind first, then the product next. Hard selling rarely works these days. Keep it simple. Your website has already informed your customers about your company’s products and services. Focus on what they can do with it, and how it can make their lives better.

Ensure that the tone and message are consistent all throughout the blog posts. It’s better to make a few relevant posts per week, rather than to post everyday for the heck of it.

Write for humans.
Google is continuously refining their algorithm to provide relevant search results, not just articles with the right amount of keywords. Yes, you still need the right keywords in a blog post, but it won’t make a lasting impression nor get shared if they don’t provide any value.

Be personable.
The blog is a perfect spot to provide your target audience about the insights of your business. Customers prefer to do business with people, not just another corporate entity. They want a face behind the logo. They want to ensure that the company they’re doing business with is socially responsible. More importantly, this encourages emotional connection.