Consistency In BloggingIf you run a blog, you need to be consistent. That means maintaining your blog posting schedule, no matter what comes.

Unfortunately, the “blog when you have something to say” approach just doesn’t work. If you really want to build a community out of your traffic, then you need to be regularly adding fresh content to your blog.

Lack of motivation is something that all bloggers struggle with — don’t get fooled into thinking that nobody else has ever gone through the dry spell (I like to call it “blogger’s block”) you have.

It’s the great bloggers who pick up and keep going. Even when the going gets tough, and the thought of opening that WP editor makes your stomach churn, you have got to keep writing.

Consistency Impacts Traffic

I recently took a little break from blogging (think 7-8 days), and as a result, my traffic decreased big time. I stopped adding content to my blog.

There was no reason for visitors to come.

And if there’s no reason for people to take a look at your blog — why would they? What would be the point of them coming to see your outdated content?

The Role Model Of Consistency

Ryan Biddulph – beyond the shadow of a doubt – is one of the most consistent bloggers on the planet. He regularly creates 5+ posts to add to his blog every single day!

And he’s not just adding text either – he’s also creating a ton of useful YouTube videos for Internet marketers. Ryan is the very epitome of blogging consistency. I highly recommend that you check out his blog (I often go there to find inspiration and motivation to keep blogging).

A Few Ideas To Help You Keep Consistent

Make a note of all your ideas – Ideas are hard to come by (especially after you have published 100-odd posts to your blog already). Whenever one pops into your head, drop everything, go into WordPress and add a new draft, titling it with your idea.

When you have enough time to crank out a good post, you will already have a good store of ideas to write on.

Every post doesn’t have to come in the K-size – Don’t worry — not every one of your posts was meant to be a 2,000 word “pillar”. If you can only write 500 words about a certain topic, then write only 500 words about the topic.

There’s no reason to stretch a topic out, or water the “punch” behind it down just to increase your word count. Word count counts for nothing (even though Google has shown that it likes long-form content).

Write, write, write – This might not be the advice you were looking for, but it works. The more you write, the better you get at it, and the faster you can write.

As a freelance blogger, I write tons every day. That’s helped me to achieve a consistent 1000+ words per hour writing rate, more in topics that I’m comfortable with.

Wrapping Up

Consistency is key to traffic. It’s key to decreasing your Alexa rank. It’s key to making your blog a real resource for readers.

Blog consistently, and you’ll reap the rewards.

Image credit(s): Ayla87 via SXC.HU.

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