I can’t think of a more useful way to market a business then by posting information with some type of tie-in with your company. In my case, the Midwest Laboratories Blog site has really taught me a lot. Each day I am surprised as to the readers who comment on the site or talk about the site on other social media platforms or who come up to me at conferences and trade shows.

Company blogging is all about keeping your story fresh and connecting with clients who will use your services and advocates who may/may not be direct clients, but who take an interest in your company and tell others about your company and blog site.

Next, it is all about search. In my case, search is still the top method for people to find our company and ultimately use our servics. Think about it! Each blog post that I write produces fresh, key word content that resides on the internet and is indexed by Google and other search engines like Bing and Yahoo.

The key is to stay true to your site and post information directly related to your company. If you have a company site, talk about your company, supporting news stories, other people’s opinions. Do not turn your company site into a site that talks about the latest news in social media, unless that is your primary basis.

I have been blogging for almost 2.5 years on the Midwest Labs Blog Site. In addition, I have talked about my marketing experiences on the Marketing Mix Site, (2011) and now I am moving to this particular site, Marketing Director Blog Site. Company Blog writing is worth the effort and will help keep your company in the news and your information fresh.

What do you think about company blogging? Is it worth it?

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