Check out this article, Blogging Down Among Inc. 500 but still rated successful.

The title of this article looks at this topic from a glass half-empty picture. It should say companies are finding success through blogging.

If you read between the numbers there are some very interesting figures that I would echo. Today, I had a discussion with another Marketing Executive and we were discussing our approaches to social media and I told him the most successful social media platform I am using is my corporate blog. This study would tell you that my conclusions are well-taken.

The article indicates that companies are gaining a presence on social media platforms. However, the real key is “How successful are they with respect to these platforms?”

Make sure you focus on this particular section of the article:

Blogging More Successful Than SocNets

umass-inc500-social-media-success.jpgInterestingly, most of the platforms that declined in penetration among the Inc. 500 in 2011 were rated very highly by their users. For example, 92% of those using a blogging platform said it has been successful for their business, up from 86% in 2010. Message/bulletin boards were rated even more highly, with 96% of users finding them successful. By contrast, Facebook was rated successful by only 82% of its users, down from 85% the previous year, putting the social network behind Twitter (86%, up from 81% in 2010), and LinkedIn (90%).

Source: Blogging Down Among Inc. 500 but still rated successful.

This is the key. Put the effort into your blog and you will see results.

The reasons are pretty obvious:

  • Fresh Content, if posted on a regular basis
  • Searchable content
  • Easy to share on social media platforms
  • A place to build a particular niche topic
  • A great way to be an expert on a particular topic
  • Many more reasons…

Read this article. Some great information contained in this study.

What other items did you see when reading this article? Would be interested in your thoughts.

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