small__503600331 (2)Wondering what to blog about is becoming an increasing headache for many business people. In this series, we take a look at some key areas of inspiration to help trigger ideas for your next blog post. This time, we look at product and service reviews.

Don’t yawn – reviews are useful if not to you, to your readers / customers.

The trouble with so many reviews in blog posts and website articles, however, is that they are written by the wrong person and are inappropriate for the audience concerned.

In other words, they are written by an expert who describes and judges the product or service as someone who has advanced knowledge of it.

Not, however, from the point of view of Mr or Ms A N Other who is likely to use the damned thing.

Customers may seem stupid, but their money and loyalty aren’t

I can’t count the number of product or service reviews I have read online about stuff that interests me, that leave me standing after the first sentence. I know I’m pretty stupid when it comes to techie stuff in particular, but it turns out I’m not alone.

Lots of people – customers and prospective customers – feel the same way that I do. We don’t always get the finer points of product / service reviews.

This is purely because they have been written from a subjective point of view by people who don’t appreciate that there are dimwits like me in cyberspace who buy such products and services nonetheless.

However we don’t need or want to know the square root of the exponential giga-stonking factor that differentiates the product from its 347 competitors. We just want to know how it works plus whether or not it is better value than its competitors, and even more importantly, what it will do for us.

Ensure your reviews share your thoughts on your readers’ terms

Whenever a new development crops up in your business area, use the opportunity to share your thoughts about new products and services.

Be sure to express that in terms that your readers / customers can understand, otherwise your opportunity for brand reinforcement will be lost.

Other people’s reviews

I’m sure there always will be the temptation to lift reviews or relevant products and services and use those on your own blog.

Certainly, there’s nothing wrong with using quotes from others’ reviews as long as you attribute those to the right people.

But never forget that what your readers / customers expect, and what you have a duty to deliver, is your own take on whatever is the topic in question.

You know your readers / customers better than most, and they look to you to review products and services in the light of what’s good for them.

Take that duty seriously … and be prepared to benefit as a result!

I could go on here, but that’s all we have time for today. For more ideas on what to write about on your blog, give me a shout on [email protected].

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