small_2493066577Wondering what to blog about is becoming an increasing headache for many business people. In this series, we take a look at some key areas of inspiration to help trigger ideas for your next blog post. This time, we look at history.

This may not work for every type of business but it certainly will for a great many.

Not only can it be very interesting but also it can funny and entertaining. The trick is to write the historical blog posts in a light and easy-going way without boring readers with too many stuffy facts, and just picking up on the more captivating stories.

Try, too, to relate the historical content back to the present day and how the way things were back then would be seen now, especially by your customers. Don’t be intimidated by what you think may be boring topics, either. There is bound to be something amusing and interesting even in the history of screws and nails…

Let’s think up a few examples

OK, screws and nails!

  • The first civilizations to use nails
  • When someone dreamt up using a thread and making a screw
  • Why threads on screws that way around and not the other way
  • Horrible accidents and crimes were committed in history, using screws and nails

Social Media

  • Early storytellers
  • Stories told via folk songs and poetry
  • Town criers and how they worked
  • Gossip and “Chinese Whispers” in centuries past
  • The role of the telephone in early social media
  • The lost art of letter and note writing
  • Compuserve: the first live chat online?

Real estate business

  • Interviews with elderly former brokers saying what it was like back in their day
  • The first real estate brokers / estate agents: where it all started
  • What homes sold for through the ages
  • The challenges of selling homes of historical interest

Nail manicure business

  • The first nail polishing in history
  • What substances were used to glamorize nails through history
  • Men’s nails in history
  • Nail fashions through the ages
  • How nail polish was first formulated
  • Famous nail polish manufacturers in the early 20th century
  • False nails through history

Electrical engineers/contractors

  • How electricity was harnessed way back when
  • The very early days of using electricity for power etc.
  • The first electrical engineers and how they worked
  • What electricity was like when it was first introduced into homes
  • What electricity was like when it was first introduced into workplaces
  • The differences harnessed electricity made to civilization

Painting and decorating business

  • The first interior decoration – in caves?
  • Home/building decoration through the ages
  • Materials used for decoration through the ages
  • Dangers over come, e.g. lead paint
  • Different fashions in wallpaper through the centuries
  • How interior color preferences have varied over the last 2-3 hundred years

And so-on. Once again, a lot of this information is available in the general media, but when you write about it for your customers or clients it will be unique, because it has your stamp on it. Just be sure to know your readers well enough to judge accurately what will be of interest and/or amusement to them.

Good luck!

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photo credit: Mike Licht, via photopin cc