Blog photo from ShutterstockIn today’s competitive market, every brand should be on board with a website that is fully optimized along with an active blog in order to draw in the most prospects that can be nurtured and converted into customers.

Blogging on your topic and providing a way they can comment and voice an opinion, provides connecting with an audience in a way that not only fulfills their needs but also provides the essential human interface that builds trust and encourages people to want to come back for more.

How a blog connects your brand

Think of a blog as a central location where the visitors to your website can get a glimpse of business operations and connect in a meaningful way. When done correctly, your brand can produce news and announcements about your business, answer customer service questions, and can even be ahead of potential problems by dealing effectively with those that may have occurred in the past.

With such great benefits your blog can become a powerful branding tool, delivering the image and essence of your business that you want to project to your audience, and carry over into your social media channels.

Let’s say, for example, yours is a small company and your brand is built upon that then you have the perfect opportunity of introducing your staff who continue to deliver a great service every day. This type of personal connection leads to trust, which can translate into sales.

Large brands can also connect on a more intimate level with their audience through their blogs such as Sir Richard Branson and Virgin who have built a name around a particular individual associated with a brand. Bill Marriott and Marriott hotels have taken a similar approach in reaching out to their customers on a smaller scale.

If your brand is purely online, a blog can give your business the chance to connect in a way that is the closest thing possible to face to face interaction by sharing your thoughts and showing your personality in your posts. By providing a valuable, personal resource in the form of a blog, you are far more likely to retain that visitor who will come back time and again to read your updates.

Provided you present your content with an intelligent, human touch it is highly likely that at some point your audience will choose you over your competition as trust and conversation are built.