Blogging, without a doubt, is one of the fastest and most efficient ways to move up the SEO ladder in your industry. Nonetheless, knowing the difference between a lead, a quote, attribution, fact, opinion and any other writing term is not always necessary to becoming an influential and intriguing blogger.

There are many activities and tasks you can implement to strengthen your blog’s position within your industry without actually blogging. You can garner relationships with your followers, promote your content via social, research keywords, or even just plan out a content schedule. By no means do these actions replace good and sound writing skills, but it can grow your blog to new heights (no matter your journalistic background.

Below are five tips to increasing blog traffic without actually blogging:

Garner relationships with your most active followers

Even though some writers may think so, but there are other great writers out there. Chances are, some of them are already reading and commenting on your stuff. Take it one step further and get them writing for your blog. Everyone likes a common voice, but what readers really love is hearing from the experts and hearing opposing sides of the spectrum. Scheduling contributing writers for your blog will not only provide a different look to your blog, but it can vastly increase its social reach as everyone likes to share their own content.

Share it across your social channels

This should not come at any surprise but a tremendous avenue to spread your blog’s message is social. Active social media players check their Facebook’s and Twitter as much as 10 times a day so when they go in their newsfeed or look in their Hootsuite, your story better be up there. In addition, you must make the story sharable. It is one thing to post your own content, but when others share your content, its reach is magnified.

Research keywords that will drive your SEO

It would take any social media or tech guru years to figure out the true algorithm Google uses for its SEO, but one must know what keywords people are using to talk about the industry. The realm is buzzing about content marketing, Facebook Open Graph, or even a widely-popular Pinterest board, you better be writing about it. The more you write about these hot topics, the higher you will climb on people’s search boards.

Create a content schedule

No one likes to hear the same message over and over again. A great way to bypass this dilemma is to create a content schedule so you know exactly who will be addressing what issues. Spread it out. If you covered Facebook targeting one day, make sure to cover Twitter targeting later that week. Planning out a schedule can save blog editors an abundance of time and more importantly, will ensure all corners of their content world are covered.

Key Takeaway

Sadly enough, companies around the globe are ignoring poor writing skills. Despite this alarming trend, your blogging efforts do not have to take a back seat. By just engaging with your readers via social or creating a content map, you are vastly moving your blog about the blogosphere. So even if you don’t know what a graph, fold or independent clause is, blogging is never out of your hands.

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