For healthcare practitioners and alternative therapists, blogging is a non-threatening way to attract clients, not chase them. A well-written blog post about a health issue that your ideal clients struggle with will highlight your expertise in that area, building your clients’ trust in you.

Blogging consistently keeps your website fresh and updated, which shows your visitors (and the search engines who direct those visitors to you) that your clinic is an active, thriving business and that you and your team have lots of valuable content to share.

Even more importantly, blogging will show these prospective clients how much you care about and understand them. Since blogging tends to be a less formal style of writing, they will see that you and your team members are real people who can provide practical, useful information in plain English they can understand.

Blogging is a team sport

Many-hands-light-work There’s a saying that “many hands make light work,” and the same is true for a blog. Instead of one person being responsible to post something new every single week, with a group blog you’ll have a whole team to share the task.

Top 10 Success Tips for Your Wellness Clinic Team Blog

  1. Appoint a blog captain – Have one person be responsible for keeping everyone on track with your publication schedule. This may be your clinic administrator or owner, a team member with good organizational skills, or you may choose to hire a blog editor/consultant.
  2. Edit, rewrite and polish – Ensure that your blog posts are free of errors or confusing language. Use a checklist, style guide, blog editor or any other tools that will ensure consistency and quality. After all, you want your blog to reflect the same high standards as your business.
  3. Publish consistently – Create a shared calendar (e.g., Google Calendar), where everyone can see the time line for upcoming publication dates. Remember to leave extra time for editing by setting each blog post’s due date a week before you actually want to publish.
  4. Meet regularly – Get the team together to brainstorm ideas, choose a monthly theme and get the power of your creative minds working together. Maintain your commitment to this valuable marketing strategy.
  5. Celebrate your diversity – Encourage each team member to blog from his or her own expertise, discipline and speciality. Tap into each person’s unique perspective and tone of voice.
  6. Produce good content – Apply these proven content marketing practices: write with your readers’ interests in mind, focus your writing into bite-sized pieces and address the most pressing problems your ideal clients are looking to solve.
  7. Suggest the next step – Create a unique call to action in every article, e.g., attend an event, sign up for your mailing list or call the office for more information. Remember that people will arrive on your site at different times in the relationship-building process.
  8. Keep in touch – Make it easy for readers to find out about your newest articles and events by posting a subscription form on every page of your website and blog. Then, in your monthly or bi-weekly newsletter, share one of your blog posts (plus links to all recent posts), as well as information about upcoming events, featured services or new team members.
  9. Shout from the rooftops – Ask every team member to promote the blog by adding the blog link to your email signatures. Share links to each other’s blog posts on your social media networks, online forums or email groups. And when you get a specific request for information on a particular topic, use the blog as your primary resource.
  10. Lead the way – Make it easy for blog readers to take the next step of getting to know you and your clinic. Either integrate your blog right into your website or add extra pages to your blog so they can take action right away.