When people tell you blogging is easy, you can simply say they are wrong. In fact, blogging means a lot of work and you need to blog consistently in order to be successful. Many bloggers just stop blogging after a while because they no longer have the time or they are not gaining from the blogs what they expected. It is true that many things can go wrong and that many bloggers fail.

I have been blogging for about five years now, so I can tell you a thing or two. That said, I also use recent articles by Jenn Pereira, Janice Wald, and Usabloggers.com in this blog because four know more than one. Learn from these mistakes and try to avoid them!

‘Bloggers Fail Because of These 18 Simple Reasons’ Blogging means a lot of work and you need to blog consistently in order to be successful. Many bloggers just stop blogging after a while because they no longer have the time or they are not gaining from the blogs what they expected. It is true that many things can go wrong and that many bloggers fail. In fact, I have 18 reasons for you why bloggers fail. Find them here: http://bit.ly/BloggersFail

Bloggers fail because of these simple reasons

Here are eighteen reasons why bloggers fail:

1. Bloggers fail because they have no established goals

A blogger needs to identify goals before starting out a blog. It will be easier to work on something if you have a clear picture of where you want to go. Not only will these goals serve as an inspiration and guide, they will also allow you to measure success and give you that feeling of fulfillment. Use it to identify the areas you need to focus on. Establish a time-frame for each goal so you can monitor your progress.

2. Bloggers fail because of a lack of passion

Passion is a vital element in success. If you do not love being challenged to create great content and find it too burdening to maintain a blog, success is never going to be on the horizon. Your passion is your driving force that will make you want to continue your blog.

3. Bloggers fail because they are looking for instant success

There is no such thing as overnight success in blogging. It will take insane amounts of time and multiple sacrifices. There are those who succeed in a year but it is not easy. It entails many days and nights of perfecting the design and a consistent flow of content.

4. Bloggers fail because of a lack of creative juices and blog ideas

With the millions of other blogs competing for attention, an unlimited supply of creative juices is a must. Readers are looking for something fresh and unique. If you follow the norms, the audiences tend to turn their heads away. To achieve success, a blogger needs to identify new techniques and make the blog interesting.

5. Bloggers fail because of a pessimistic mindset

As you open yourself to the world through your blog, you will encounter critics who will tell you that you are not going to make it. If you believe such nonsense beforehand, the negativity will eat you up into pieces. It is essential for you to firmly believe in your own capabilities. Looking at things in a positive way will make the challenges look less terrifying.

6. Bloggers fail because of a fear of monetization

You work hard to create valuable content, so there is no reason why you should not earn an income with it. Do not be afraid to make money with your articles.

7. Bloggers fail because they prioritize everything but content

Make sure you deliver high-quality content every single time.

8. Bloggers fail because they ignore SEO

As a blogger, you should know that traffic plays a pivotal part in making a blog succeed. For you to increase your traffic, you need to study the best SEO practices. Optimizing your blog for search engines will literally take your blog out there.

9. Bloggers fail because they ignore blog design

With the hundreds of WordPress blog themes and layouts available, there is no excuse for not making your blog look polished. Blog design will capture the attention of a reader first. Making a good impression at first glance will make the reader look forward to reading the next post and even encourage a good conversion.

10. Bloggers fail because they do not commit

When you decide on a blogging strategy for increasing your traffic or profits, you practice it, you commit to it, and you will succeed through the strategy.

11. Bloggers fail because they wait for some conditions before actually starting

This is the blogger who promises, without a doubt, that when “so and so” happens, he or she will be ready and commit to being one of the successful bloggers. Consequently, they stand on the sidelines, waiting, hoping, and blaming circumstances. As long as you wait for conditions to change, all readers, traffic, profits, interviews, and influence will flow to committed bloggers.

12. Bloggers fail because they do not look for solutions to their blogging problems

Is your problem attracting more traffic? Millions of articles have been written on the subject. Within seconds you can find, study, and use resources and put your newfound knowledge into practice. The solutions are out there. Maybe you were too fearful and desperate to seize and use the advice in the past but now you know. It is up to you to grab the solution and use it to solve your blogging problems.

13. Bloggers fail because they do not believe they are as skilled or talented as the successful bloggers

Luck does not exist. Skills are developed through practice. Talents are developed through practice. Success is achieved through practice. When you commit to blogging, be a student. Learn everything you need to know and practice it.

14. Bloggers fail because they are afraid they cannot afford it

You need to spend money on a domain and hosting. Do not let your blog scream that you are an amateur. You will continue to fail and struggle miserably. Successful bloggers face, embrace, and release the fear of spending money, see their blogging spending as investments, and build professional-looking brands.

15. Bloggers fail because they are self-promotional

Companies sometimes use their blog as an extension of their advertising, using articles to advertise products and services in the same way they would leverage their brochures. As tempting as it is to treat your blog as a direct lead generation tool, this is often far too overt an approach.

Consumers favor information and interactions that will help them make their final purchase decision. The primary goal of your blogging strategy should be to inform and educate in a way that will humanize your brand. While you can include subtle Calls-To-Action within your text, make sure that they seem organic, and fit in seamlessly with the rest of the article.

16. Bloggers fail because they ignore their readers

Some bloggers start gaining adhesion fast and after a while, they start to make their blogs move around themselves. Your blog is about your readers, not about you!

17. Bloggers fail because they think they are done once the writing is done

Some bloggers make the mistake of not editing their writing. It sounded so good in their head when they were writing it, so it must be great to read, right? Everyone, including the most experienced writer, needs to edit their writing. It is absolutely okay to take your time to shape up your post. Make sure your story flows just as well as it did in your outline.

18. Bloggers fail because they ignore criticism from readers

In most criticism, you can find a chunk of gold: honest feedback and a suggestion for improvement. See it as an opportunity to improve your writing skills!