Ah, summer: the season of long, hot days – lazy days. Although the season doesn’t officially start until the third week of June, Memorial Day marks the unofficial kick-off. While it may be tempting to take a vacation from blogging during the summer months, just because school’s out doesn’t mean you can slack off. Here are eight tips for a enjoying a more relaxed summer without dropping the ball on your blog:

Adjust Your Schedule. While we don’t recommend taking a three-month hiatus from your business blog, you may find it necessary to set “summer hours” with a more relaxed posting schedule. For many industries, summer is a slow season, so scaling back your posting schedule may not have much of an impact on your bottom line.

Plan Ahead. While it take more work up front, planning a month’s posts ahead of time can actually make your work easier. Instead of trying to decide what you want to write about every time you sit down to work, you can plunge right into the post. Check out expert blogger Nathan Weller’s advice for pain-free planning.

Stockpile Posts. Like squirrels socking away nuts for the winter, you can write posts ahead of time so you’ll always have something on hand. This is especially useful if you know you’re going to be out of town for a week or two. If you schedule posts to be published while you’re gone, your readers might not even know you’re on vacation.

Invite Guests. Another way to bolster your blog content when you’re on vacation is to invite guest bloggers to contribute.  Make sure to ask well in advance and be prepared to reciprocate with a guest post of your own.

Recycle and Reuse. Go “green” with your blog by recycling older content. A meta-list of popular posts is a good way to start. You can also compile a “best-of” series on different topics or revisit an early post to discuss how things have changed since it was originally published.

Be Personal. If you’re neglecting your blog, it’s probably because you’re out enjoying the glorious summer weather. Don’t be shy about sharing stories or even pictures. As social media guru Ty Kiisel explains, “Over the years my readers have gotten to know me because I share with them some of the details of my life. For example, they know I love motorcycles, drive a Jeep, and enjoy fly-fishing. Because business is personal, sharing a little of yourself makes you more accessible. People like doing business with other people.”

Have Blog, Will Travel. If you’re planning a road trip or other vacation this summer, mix business with pleasure and bring your laptop with you. Set aside no more than an hour to catch up on comments every day; after all, no one has to know that you’re working poolside.

Work Smarter. Use the technology available to make your life easier—and then spend the time you saved making great memories with your friends and family. There are countless tools and apps to streamline everything from idea generation to comment management to proofreading, so work smarter and take advantage of the technology. Here’s a list of worthwhile tools to get you started.

How do you find a balance between work and play during summer vacation? Let us know in the comments!