Is there anything more meta than blogging about how people can improve their blogs? Probably, but cut me some slack here. I’m trying to write a post that is both engaging and provides the basics of improving your blog. That’s no easy feat, but I digress. Let’s start by first stating that there is no way to be 100 percent sure your blog will be successful, BUT there are several aspects that are fairly consistent among successful company blogs.

theglassdesk / Pixabay


Start Writing

Seems easy enough, right? It’s actually much harder in practice. Make sure to create new and engaging content on a consistent basis. That means delivering multiple quality blog posts each month without letting fatigue set in. Writing consistently will not only help increase the traffic to your blog or website, but it will also improve your writing skills. In turn, you’ll be able to provide better content and attract even more readers. It’s the snowball effect. The more you create, the more practice you’ll have and the better your posts will be. In short, if it were easy to be an effective blogger, everyone would be.

Stick to a topic

Pick a topic and stick with it. If you bounce around and write about 30 different things, you won’t find a consistent audience. If you are in the energy industry, write about topics that relate to your audience, such as oil and gas, natural gas and renewable energy. It’s easy to stray from your desired topic and target audience without realizing it. If you stick to similar topics while writing, you’ll reach a familiar audience and establish yourself as a thought leader, keeping readers coming back for more.

Ask why

While writing, you should continually ask yourself why. Why does this matter? Why would people want to read this? Why am I even writing about this? If you keep asking yourself these questions, your writing will improve, you’ll likely stay on topic and your content will be much more engaging. In other words, you’ll write content your readers enjoy instead of going through the motions just to get a blog article out. A little effort goes a long way.

Make it concise

Keep your content short and to the point.

Remember to write consistently without getting off topic and keep your readers in mind. It’s not easy, but if you keep these ideas in mind while writing, you’ll already have a leg up on most other bloggers. Lastly, thanks for reading my blog article about improving your blog (so meta) – now go get writing!