Learn essential blog traffic tips for agile blogging to capitalize on trending topics and breaking news to drive explosive traffic growth.

Blog Traffic Tips for Agile Bloggers

Writing blog posts on breaking news and trending topics is a great way to get tons of traffic and exposure for your blog. Since these blog posts will require you to respond quickly, in real-time to events in your vertical it is important to have an agile approach to blogging. Here are 4 agile blogging tips to help you quickly respond and capitalize on these opportunities:

Focus on a specific vertical.

It is easy to get distracted and lose focus when monitoring breaking news and trending stories. Before starting take a few minutes to think about your specific vertical and the types of stories that are a good fit. Make sure to ask yourself “will my readers care?” when reviewing blog posts ideas.

Set an editorial calendar.

Unless your blog is specifically focused on covering breaking news, set an editorial calendar and stick to it unless a truly great opportunity comes up to that will drive tons of blog traffic. Remember that agile bloggers are able to respond quickly to opportunities, but they always make sure that each blog post is well written.

Time your blog posts.

The time of day that a story or trending topic hits can have a big impact on the opportunity it provides agile bloggers. Stories that break late in the evening are a great target for a blog post. Most people won’t be aware of the story until they check their favorites sites or read the news the following morning.

Write a series on a topic.

Every once and a while a news story or topic comes along that merits an ongoing series of blog posts. By writing a series you will be able to not only increase blog traffic, it will give you an opportunity to convert those visitors into regular readers. You also stand to benefit from establishing your blog as an expert on the news or trending topic as it continues to rise in popularity.