If you currently have a blog on your website then there is a good chance you are out of blog post ideas. Sometimes it can be difficult to maintain a consistent publishing schedule when you are constantly searching for topics to blog about. Once you develop a publishing pattern it is important to stick to that schedule. Your readers will get accustomed to your frequency and missing just one or two publishing dates can cause them to source their information from another website.

Out of Blog Post Ideas? Use These 3 Content Suggestions

Many businesses struggle to come up with new topics and that causes publishing delays and loss of their subscription base. If you are having a hard time coming up with blog post ideas then consider these three simple content suggestions to avoid gaps in your blog publishing schedule. Steady content gives your reader base something useful to interact with every time they visit your website.

1. Industry News Recap

An “industry news recap” is something that any business can publish. Instead of creating a brand new piece of content, round up interesting news (links to the stories) from your industry for the particular week and create a post that gives a very brief overview of the story and then include a link to it. Now, don’t just pull stories from any website. Make sure you only gather it form the most well respected and high authority websites within your industry.

There are two benefits from this approach. First, you are providing your blog readership with great articles from other trusted sources. This introduces them to additional sources of information. Blog readers are a very loyal bunch. If they feel that you have provided them with good information and resources they will consider your website a benefit and continue to read your content. Second, it gives you a chance to build a relationship with some larger websites. Mentioning popular authors and websites in your posts can open the door to guest post opportunities as well as link mentions from their end as well.

If we were creating an industry news recap post with content from this blog it would look something like this:

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2. List Posts

The list post format is extremely popular with readers, and these types of posts will generally receive a lot of social sharing. They provide great information and break it down in an easy to read format. List posts don’t have to focus on a specific number of items. Here are some examples of list posts that we have done recently:

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When a website visitor begins to read a list post they will typically read through the entire post. An attention grabbing title combined with great list points will translate into low bounce rates, longer engagement, and social sharing.

3. Industry Interviews

If you are having a difficult time coming up with no content ideas and need a day or two to recharge, a great content source is industry interviews. This doesn’t necessarily have to be a text post, either. You can do a video interview, or compose a standard Q&A style post via phone or email.

Don’t just select anyone for your interview subject. They should be able to provide useful insight and also be a “name” that your readers will recognize. This strategy can also help drive traffic to your website if your interview subject has a large following and they mention the interview on their blog or social media channels.

It is important that this type of post isn’t a last minute attempt to fill your blog with content. Properly composing an interview piece takes time. These are good to do and keep on hand for those times that you need to fill a gap.

Maintain your blog publishing schedule and you will notice a steady readership that will continue to grow as your content is shared, attracting new readers. Use the simple three blog post ideas above to help fill the gaps.