It’s that time of year again when pumpkins, skeletons, ghosts, and cobwebs decorate businesses and homes alike. Many websites also take this time to get into the holidays. There’s a lot more to getting into the holiday than just changing your background colors to black and orange, as some blogs do. What can you do to make your blog Halloween?

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Here are fifteen ideas on how to take advantage of the season with some creative Halloween content while still maintaining a professional image. An effective approach to blog about Halloween will be to take one or two ideas from each category. While this is not an exhaustive list, it will certainly give you something to think about.

If you want to give some background, or perhaps some fun information, use some of the following ideas to add content to your blog about Halloween.

Share Information about Halloween

1. Give a brief history on the origins of Halloween. Many people are only aware of the modern commercialized version of Halloween. Show a different side of the holiday by explaining where it started.

2. Provide content on how different cultures currently celebrate Halloween. Halloween is largely considered a Western holiday, but other cultures have similar celebrations. Share a brief tidbit on cultural celebrations such as Día de Muertos, Yue Lan, Noć vještica, Samhain, and Hop-tu-Naa.

3. Display Halloween themed infographics on your blog. They don’t have to relate to your products at all but be little trivia tidbits for your customers to read and continue engaging your blog.

4. Write a short Halloween themed story that utilizes your products in some way. Not only will this be fun for your customers to read, but they will also be able to see how handy your products can be in a variety of situations. Don’t forget to edit it before posting.

Lists are always fun to read, and are an easy way to add content. With each of these lists, provide links to sites that may provide additional information, like the Internet Movie Database, the Travel Channel, or the Food Network.

Halloween Themed Lists

5. Create a list of the best Halloween movies. You can even separate this by category: funny movies, scary, romantic, etc. Ask your customers to share their favorite movies.

6. Create a list of some of the most haunted places in the country or even the world. Invite your customers to add places they have been or share experiences they had at some of the listed locations.

7. Create a blog list of Halloween themed party foods. You know, those hardboiled eggs that look like eyes, the cookies that look like witches. Invite your customers to share their favorite recipes.

Now you have provided some informational content, created lists while still asking for your customers’ feedback, now it’s time to more actively engage your customers.

Engaging Your Customers with Interactive Content

8. Create a discussion with your customers on their favorite decorating ideas. Inflatables? Jack-o-lanterns? Lights? Smoke? The possibilities are endless.

9. Ask your customers on their favorite Halloween traditions. Do they enjoy taking their kids trick or treating? Going to haunted houses? Or perhaps something else?

10. Bring out the kid in your customers and poll them on their favorite Halloween candy. Everyone has a favorite. Maybe it’s the mini-candy bars or Halloween peeps or candy corn.

11. Create a treasure hunt throughout your blog and website. Your customers will follow the clues to find little nuggets of Halloween lore or objects (think of how Easter Eggs are for DVDs and video games). The winners will get some sort of prize (maybe discounted shipping, a free demo product or service, whatever is most applicable to your business).

12. Start a writing contest by your customers. Invite them to write a short story about their favorite Halloween memories and post them to your blog. You can even open it up to let other customers vote on their favorite story.

10 Halloween MArketing Tips
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You have gotten to know your customers a little better, now it’s time to let your customers know about you, your company, and your staff with some further “dressing up your blog for Halloween” ideas. By giving your customers little slices of your company, you strengthen the bond between you and your customers, making them want to come back even after all the Halloween fun is over.

Show Your Customers the Heart of Your Company

13. Take photos of your staff in costume and invite your customers to pick the best costume. Not only will this be a way to engage your customers, but also it will be fun for your fellow employees.

14. Give a new Halloween-esque face to the company by ‘Zombie’-fying pictures of you and your staff and display them on your blog.

15. Poll your employees on their favorite Halloween memories. Share those stories on the blog (with your employees permission of course).

With these ideas in place, you will easily transform your blog into a Halloween masterpiece, while still retaining your professional image. Your customers will remember how fun your site was and will come back time and time again to see what new content you have created. To blog for Halloween is easier than you think. Have fun with it and be creative!

Do you have other ideas you have used to create Halloween content? Share your ideas below.