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Private Label Rights or PLR as it is more widely known is a type of license that allows you to use, modify, and even claim authorship of a piece of content once you’ve purchased the rights to it. In an age when content is the undisputed king in the online world, having access to an almost limitless supply of it can make a huge difference when it comes to succeeding, and profiting online.

Over 100,000 Articles and Counting

With over 100,000 articles currently indexed in their database there is something for absolutely everyone. I tried a few random searches on topics that are closely related to my own industry as well as a few more obscure ones and always came back with something for my troubles. Below are a few random results to give you an idea of the width and breadth of the content currently in their member’s area.

  • Make money online – Over 7000 articles
  • Money – well over 30,000 articles
  • Budgeting – 427 articles
  • Home repairs – 965 articles and counting
  • Blog tips – 804 articles
  • Blog Traffic – 809 articles
  • Internet Marketing 4363 articles
  • Affiliate Marketing – 1687 articles
  • Working from home – 3905 articles
  • Scuba Diving – 453 articles
  • Model Cars – 523 articles
  • Hawaii – 590 articles
  • PC Repair – 54 articles
  • Flight simulators (Thought I’d try and stump them here) 11 articles
  • Knitting – 135 articles (Ok, now I’m getting a little out of my area)

As you can see they not only cover my industry to quite a depth, but just about anything else you can think of. No matter what your niche is, or what industry you’re looking into these guys have something for everyone.

Writing about “Flux Capacitors” and can’t find anything related? There is even a spot where you can request article topics, and they’ll do their best to locate and fill your need! (Though it’s unlikely they’ll be filling up with fictitious articles on “flux capacitors” anytime soon).

Below is a screenshot of some of the niches you’ll find on the inside.

Built in Article Spinner

As someone who has paid the $77.00 a year for a spinning program membership, I can tell you this is a nice little added feature built right into the back end of the article system. It’s fairly simple to use, and by “spinning” the articles you’re looking to use online you can ensure that they are unique enough to be indexed by the search engines.

  • Remember if you simply use PLR articles as is with no rewriting and no “spinning” the articles will not be unique and will fall into Google’s supplemental index (Meaning there is more than one of the same article in their index. This is not the same as duplicate content but the SEO and traffic benefits of the article will be all but lost)

Uses for PLR Content

There really is no limit to what you can do with this material once you start thinking creatively. You are limited only by your own imagination. Here are a few ideas to get you started, but I’m betting you’ll quickly start coming up with plenty of others that I haven’t yet thought of.

  • Content for your blog
  • Publishing in article directories (remember to rewrite)
  • In e-books
  • Incorporated into your own products
  • Turned into podcasts
  • Made into video’s
  • Slideshows and slide shares
  • Training material for employees
  • As newsletter material
  • Hardcover/softcover books
  • Creative inspiration for your own unique articles
  • Research material
  • Material for your next speaking engagement
  • And so much more

The uses for these articles are practically endless and it’s likely that a single great piece will end up being used several times within your business. If content is the new commodity of the web then making it stretch further seems like the next logical step for us.

The quality

We’ve all seen the PLR making the rounds across the internet in recent years. Packs numbering in the tens of thousands that weren’t worth the bandwidth it took to download them! These are not those articles!

The quality is comparable to an article ranging in price from $25 – $50 were you to pay to have it written exclusively for your site. These articles were written by knowledgeable experts within the industry and in most cases are anywhere between 500 to 1000 words in length.

Every article has a built in quality control system that allows users to flag them for review and deletion in the event that they are either spammy, promotional, or simply don’t make any sense!


If you find yourself lost and needing some help once you’re in the back end, simply look for the handy little Help (?) tab at the top of the page, and you’ll be rewarded with an overlay that explains the various features on the page.

This overlay is not only helpful, but also cool enough to be one of those things I wish I’d thought of first!

Risk Free & Money Back

Words every online shopper loves to read when trying out a product or service for the first time. Every solid product on the internet should come with a risk free way to try it, but sadly that isn’t always the case. With Big Content Search you can enjoy a full 3 days risk free (more than enough time to thoroughly search through the massive database for articles to download and review).

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Affiliate Program

No marketer worth his salt would overlook the possibility of promoting a service like the one outlined above in to his or her audience, and since we all need content on such a regular basis it’s not really such a hard sell. Affiliates earn 50% which is up to $67.86 for each sale referred, and with the trial offer it’s a no-brainer for many.

  • $1.00 Trial offer
  • Easy search engine that facilitates super-fast results
  • Full-Service support desk for any questions
  • No 30 day tracking cookies here, the 6 month cookies ensure you’ll be credited with every sale you’ve delivered
  • High quality, professionally designed banners
  • Free PLR packs you can offer to your audience
  • Email copy, testimonials, PPC keywords, and more!

With any affiliate program I look at, I’m interested in three things.

  1. The product
  2. The material available to me to promote
  3. The tracking system in place

As I’m sure you’ll agree, the product quality is high, they offer affiliates a ton of selling tools to use in the promotion of the service, and with real-time affiliate tracking and performance data keeping track of your sales and commissions has never been easier!

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For anyone with a continual need for fresh, well written content at a price that is more than affordable even on the tightest budget Big Content Search is a winner for sure. The system is super intuitive and easy to use and problem won’t be finding appropriate articles, but on deciding which piece to use.

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