Using tumblr for your blog

Tumblr is the 32nd most popular social networking site around, and one that you should join if you are a blogger looking to excel and thrive in the virtual world. Currently on the site there are more than 110 million blogs and 50 billion posts from members, and including your personal blog in these stats could prove highly beneficial.

Get in on the Fun

If you are yet to join in on the Tumblr fun you are certainly missing out on something exciting. Although Tumblr is a social networking site that allows you effortless marketing, it is also a blogging platform similar to WordPress with benefits. It is easy to use and gives instant access to a huge audience that could change your life forever.

If you plan to market with Tumblr, take a look at a few of the benefits that you can expect to receive.

  • Using Tumblr can improve your SEO as it is indexed within search engines. Since lots of people share on Tumblr you have the power to attract plenty of traffic your way.
  • Tumblr offers a microblog, a tool that allows quick and easy sharing of your posts.
  • You can post tons of different stuff on Tumblr, in addition to blogs, such as videos, links and images
  • Tumblr allows you to track your site progress with Analytics tools

Of course there are tons of other benefits of using this powerful marketing site that you must experience for yourself.

Making the Most of Tumblr

If you want to make the most out of your experience with Tumblr, keep these things on the top of your mind.

First, rather than going in determined to market, market, market, you must join in on the fun with goals in place rather than marketing on your mind. You should use the site to build awareness of your brand, educate customers and improve all areas of your business as well.

This is simple to do when you provide great content to consumers. All of the posts you offer should be informative, and just as importantly they should provide entertainment for the reader. Another tip- do not provide current news. This content has a short shelf life and is probably things that consumers have learned through other sources.

Set a goal to inspire those who read your content. This should be content that is easy to share and things that people want to share with others. Include photos and the occasional video with your posts and you can do even better.

Finally, make sure that you are marketing and networking with others already on Tumblr. Some of the world’s best bloggers got their start on this site and continue to use it regularly. They do this for a reason. With Tumblr you have plenty of potential. Do not allow it to go astray.

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