As you write your business blog, it’s tempting to take shortcuts. It’s tempting to write for yourself, and in a way that only industry insiders may understand. That’s fine if that’s your target audience, but if you are writing to your customer base, you may need to do things a little different.

In that case you need to write for the people who you’re trying to entice to pull out their purse or wallet. It’s important to keep them in mind.

When you blog, you need to step out of your own shoes. You need to figure out what your customers want to know. You need to think about how much they know about your industry. You’ll also want to add a little personality into the mix. These are all things you can focus on as you work on appealing to your audience.

What do they want to know?

Think back to all of the sales meetings you’ve had. Think back to all of the interactions that have taken place between you and your customers. What are the most common questions that they ask you? What’s the first thing that someone wants to know about your industry? Chances are that there’s people online who want to know the same thing. This is always a great place to start.

If you’re short on answers, you can always ask people. Do you have a handful of really strong customers? You can flat out ask them what they want to know about your industry, and they’ll probably tell you.

In general terms, people are always looking for information. They want things to be informative, and entertaining. Share with them how to do something. Even if it’s something that you offer. It goes a long way in establishing your authority, and chances are your customer may not end up doing it themselves anyway. And if they do, they’ll remember where they got the information from.

Buying tips are also often helpful. This can be why something is the best product, or what people need to know before they shop in your industry.

How much do your customers know about your industry?

The answer to this question tells you where to aim your writing. Think about it. We all have different experiences, and different knowledge. Not everyone knows as much about your industry as you do.

You wouldn’t talk with a doctor about the law the same way you’d talk to a lawyer about the law. Make sure you explain concepts and products in a way that the person with the buying power will understand. Again, you don’t want to be condescending. You want to reach people where they are at.

So step out of your shoes, and think from their perspective.

Add a little personality

Remember, we do business with people we like. The best way to establish that like online is through personable content. Don’t be afraid to drop in a little personal information online from time to time. For instance, I’ve mentioned being a Bears and Cubs fan, the fact that I love music, and the fact that I have an adorable 11-month old son in several of my blog posts.

Those are the things that people talk with me about when they’re looking to break the ice. You can still come off professional, and let people know a little about yourself at the same time.


Keeping your audience in mind, and working to appeal to them should go a long way in making your blog more appealing. Your content doesn’t have to be stuffy and impersonal to come off like you know what you’re talking about. Make sure that you’re doing everything you can to appeal to the people who read your work, and the people who buy.