Yesterday Chris Brogan posted a blog that excused all excuses when it came to not being able to find the time to blog. But my mind was racing after I read it because I have recently been struggling with finding the time to blog. It’s not that I don’t want to blog or that I lack topics to write on, but that I genuinely don’t have the time.

I started thinking of Chris vs. Christina (aka me). He is a man and I am a woman. Does that presume that I have some responsibilities that he may or may not have? I am expected to cook dinner when I get home. I spend my Sundays doing laundry – at the Laundromat and I have a full-time job that has nothing to do with this blog. Now I’m not going to make any full-blown assumptions about Chris and how he spends his time (cough Ragu cough), but I feel as though he has more opportunity than someone like me to write for his blog.

If you own your own business (which I know is a LOT of work) but does that give you more opportunity or more flexibility with your schedule giving you time to write? What about if you are single – like me- and are doing everything on your own? Do you genuinely have less time than someone who is married or has a supportive partner?

So, is there a proper excuse not to blog?

One of the commenters on Chris’s post summed it up: ‘The truth is, I (as well as I’m sure most people do as well) say they “don’t have time for something” for various reasons.  One of course, on of the most obvious: because they actually don’t.’

We actually don’t have time.

I don’t feel that someone that wants to blog but genuinely has no time has lost their passion for it. That it is something that is not a priority for them. We are all human beings and some things do take precedent (like eating dinner and sleeping for example). I want to blog more but I can only blog twice a week currently. Do I write more when I can? Sure. But I can’t commit to it because twice a week is hard enough already.

Do I have less passion, less drive, less desire than Chris? I doubt it. I want this more than anything and I want it even more because I love doing it.

But –

I can’t quit my day job

I can’t stop eating meals

I can’t stop sleeping

I can’t help the 1+ hour commute to and from work

I can’t help the 2 hours I am stranded at the Laundromat every week

I can’t help the time I spend grocery shopping

I can’t stop spending time with my family (its little enough as it is)

And –

I want to do more! I want to read more books and start running and be a better member of my on and offline communities. All of these things are priorities to me and none of them involve ‘keeping up with the Kardashians’.

A proper excuse not to blog? I say yes, it’s called life and it’s often a pleasanty annoying interrruption (the image in this post has one of mine).

Do you think there is a proper excuse not to blog? What are you not willing – or able – to give up in order to post content?