Six reasons you need a blog.Leverage Your Blog

Once you have a blog, you can easily leverage it to spread your brand, gain you authority in your field, and greatly improve your visibility on the Internet. Here are six reasons a blog will pay you back all out of proportion to the effort it takes to maintain it.

  1. Interact with clients & prospects. Write provocative posts that generate comments and questions. You can respond and establish both authority and accessibility at the same time.
  2. Gain Directory Links. You can list your blog in perhaps two dozen blog directories. If your blog is hosted on your website domain (it should be!) then all those links  help your website’s link popularity. See Bloggapedia, BlogaramaTechnorati, and BlogHub.
  3. Syndication Possibilities – other blogs may re-post your blog posts for their readers, dramatically extending your range of influence. Plus you get backlinks that hepl your website rankings.
  4. Social Media Exposure — You can set up your blog so every post automatically gets listed on your Facebook Fan Page. The preiodic updates there keep your fans engaged. You can also easily post a link to your blog post at other social media sites: Delicious, Digg, Stumbleupon, Reddit, LinkedIn, Merchant Circle and so forth. That expands your reach and also generates backlinks.
  5. Real Time Exposure via Twitter. Tweet each blog post as you publish it to get the word out to your followers. Others interested in what you do will find you and follow you. You can see ours here.
  6. You can even push your blog out on Kindle and actually earn money when people subscribe to it! (Look up the Rank Magic Blog on your Kindle for a good example.)

Yes, having a blog takes a certain amount of discipline to write at least one good post a month, but it can rally pay off in your branding and your visibility on the web.