seo writing tipsRegardless of whether you’ve created your own blog or have picked up a job as a blogger or copywriter, knowing the essentials of SEO writing will not only make your blog more relevant, but it will increase your visibility and earn you more followers and visitors. Here’s a look at the basics you should master as you blog:

Make Sure You’re Using the Right Platform
Today, there are dozens of different blogging platforms and software programs available. Unfortunately, not all of these translate to good SEO. Writing your blog using a program like WordPress ensures that your optimization efforts are getting the exposure you want.

Be Intentional
Focusing your blog on keywords that are relevant to your content, products or information is essential. Instead of writing off the cuff, plan ahead of time in order to make sure you’re using the keywords you want to attract readers.

Keep Writing
In order to keep your blog relevant and fresh, make sure that you’re posting often. Be consistent with your posts and SEO writing, and publish a minimum of three times a week. Keep in mind that blogs maintain their SEO-friendly status by being updated often.

Write Conversationally
Blogs are usually written in a much more casual tone than static content or informative web pages. With this in mind, keep your SEO writing light and your tone conversational. You don’t want your keywords to sound forced or pushy, or you run the risk of losing readers and followers.

Keep Your Content Interesting
You want to keep your readers’ attention, and hopefully get them to share your blog entries via email and social networks. The best way to do this is to keep your content fresh, interesting and relevant. Stay on top of news stories and social media trends that relate to your blog, and create a buzz with your entries.

Guest Blog Often
Writing a guest blog on someone else’s blog is a great way to get readers and followers that you might not normally have access too. Guest blog as often as possible, and invite other bloggers to post guest blogs on your site as well.

Link, Link, and Link Again
One of the most basic tricks of SEO writing is to create links. Link your blog text to content in your website or online product descriptions, and you’ll find that people are making the leap from one to the other.

Create a Series
Keep people wanting more by creating a series blog. If you have a lot of information on a particular topic or product, don’t give it all up at once. The promise of more is often enough to get people to hit the “follow” button.

Titles Matter
Remember, the whole point to SEO writing and blogging is to capture (and hopefully keep) people’s attention. Catchy blog titles are important, because this is literally your opening line. You want to create snappy and witty titles that people will want to share, remember, and Tweet about.