Number 9It’s one thing to get a business on board with blogging. That’s the first hurdle. But once they get on board, and get in a groove, it’s hard to get them out of that groove.

Business bloggers often get stuck in a “formula” for the types of content they cover. They write a post, it works, so they write something similar. It’s easy. It’s comfortable.

But it’s also boring.

So here are a few topic ideas that any small business can use to freshen up their blog a little, and perhaps make it a bit more interesting. Each of these should give you an idea for at least one blog post, and if you don’t blog, they’re perfect for Facebook content as well. Next time you’re looking for something to write about, why not give one of these a whirl:

1. Tell a secret – What’s something you do in your business of which the general public might not be aware? Something that goes on behind the scenes or behind closed doors. Obviously not a trade secret, but just something that’s generally unknown. I had a meeting with a client the other day (a jeweler) and watched as someone came in to sell some gold and jewelry. I got a quick education on identifying stolen jewelry and the local heroin situation. It was quite fascinating.

2. Help your customers protect their investment – They are buying something from you. How do they keep it looking new or working properly? What buttons or settings can they safely change, and what knobs should they never touch, under any circumstance? Are there certain products you recommend for cleaning? Should you unplug it when not in use? How often should they come to you for assistance/a check-up/maintenance?

3. Tell a funny/weird story – Funny stuff happens all the time around us. We witness and overhear a lot of interesting things as people come into our businesses. Perhaps a post on the oddest questions people ask you, or the most unusual moment. Just make sure you aren’t perceived as making fun of someone!

4. Tell your story – How did you get into business? Who was your first client? How has your business changed over the years? What’s the story behind some of your more popular products? How did you first get interested in your particular field? Maybe relate a story about yourself that might have been a bit embarrassing at the time.

5. Promote something local – It’s not all about you. Promote a local cause or some sort of event that is happening in your area. Heck, you might even promote another local business that is somewhat peripheral to what you do.

6. Talk about your passions – And by that, I mean your non-business passions. My love of baseball, food, coffee, music, and books often make it into my blog posts. This helps your customers get to know you a little bit better, and also keeps things fresh.

7. Go overseas or out of town – Not literally. But virtually. Thought it could be literal. My friend, and client, Joe Heidler is a roofer. His blog often features pictures of roofs in order to illustrate certain problems and issues. Recently he took a trip to Vietnam and Cambodia. While he was there he took pictures of the different styles of roofs in those countries, and compared to the roofs we have in our area in a blog post. It was a great post and made the topic of roofing more interesting to the general public.

8. Discuss the olden days – Even if you weren’t around for the olden days, talk about what your industry used to be like. Joe could talk about roofing in the 19th century (or before). If you’re a doctor, talk about medicine during the Civil War. A plumber could talk about old-school toilets. History, combined with humor, can make for some interesting blog posts.

9. Celebrate a holiday – There are plenty of real holidays throughout the year that you can celebrate, and perhaps even tie to your business. Add to that all the extra days, such as National Goof-Off Day or National Pie Day, and you’ll have plenty of ideas.

There, that should help you out a bit. Hope you find something you can work with in that list.

What are some of your favorite blogging idea generators? What topics have worked for you?