Blogging is one of the most successful marketing tools available. It can attract new consumers in many ways, helping companies to increase revenue. That’s exactly why two-thirds of companies claim that their crucial marketing goal is to generate traffic and leads.

However, with millions of blogs live worldwide, it is becoming more difficult to attract purchasers’ attention.

In such competitive environment, companies are adopting different marketing strategies to write attractive online contents and create more lead magnets.

Ways to Turn a Business Blog into a Lead Magnet

In this article, we will show you 8 ways to turn your business blog into a lead magnet. Let’s check them out!

  1. Blog Title Optimization

First things first – make sure that your blog title is SEO-friendly. As almost all online endeavors start with search engine inquiries, you cannot afford yourself to make a beginner’s mistake.

Create a trustworthy title with powerful keywords. Users will notice your posts only if you make it visible. This is the first precondition to even thinking about respectable blog traffic and lead magnets.

  1. Redirect Users Instantly

It is true that users usually don’t read a lot. Sometimes your lead magnets might end up unnoticed.

If you really don’t feel like waiting too long for users to make their move, you can be proactive and give them an immediate welcome redirect to the main lead capture webpage. This can be a bit disturbing for passionate learners, but it will cut a long story short for potential buyers. Only try such an aggressive approach if you feel very confident about your offer.

  1. CTA model

You should always apply the call-to-action (CTA) model on your blog page. To put it simply, CTA is the connection between the blog and the landing page which offers added value to users.

They have to leave their email and other basic information, which grants them access to the premium content you are offering there. If you offer interesting content, which you certainly do, consumers will take a few seconds to fulfill a brief form. This is a nice hook for serious consumers, but companies often neglect it for some reason.

  1. Tease With Reviews or Personalized Contents

You can use the blog to make a tempting offer – readers leave user information, while you provide them with some free reviews, guidelines or analysis. This type of giveaway should be valuable to the consumers and more informative than generic content.

It is typically done as a downloadable PDF or other document of compelling and/or educational content. In case you can give users a more personalized piece of content, feel free to tease them and ask for personal information in exchange.

  1. Create an eBook

Since your company is probably specialized in one or only a few businesses, the blog is most likely packed with a huge number of posts about the same subject. This is the perfect situation for you to create additional content using old sources!

You should compile an eBook from various blog posts, give it a unique title and create a logical article structure. This can be a useful lead magnet for you, while consumers will appreciate the fact that all those articles are nicely presented within the eBook.

  1. User Involvement

The best thing you can do for users is to keep them amused and engaged. There is no better way to achieve this than to offer online quizzes or surveys.

This should be a part of your regular marketing strategy. All content with gamification elements (points, scores, levels) have proven to be very valuable in an online environment.

Needless to say, quizzes and surveys will be excellent lead magnets on your blog page. This is especially true if you implement a more personalized approach to these two blog marketing solutions.

  1. Delayed Pop-ups

As annoying as pop-ups may seem, they actually work pretty well! If you don’t believe us, simply ask yourself – why do I keep seeing pop-ups everywhere?

When you establish the right pop-up strategy, you can drastically increase the number of opt-ins received for your email list. Pop-ups make the most obvious CTA solutions and directly lead to user engagement.

Delayed pop-ups are important because they leave consumers with enough time to read a few paragraphs of your post first. After that, users should be even more interested in your topic, which gives you an opportunity to launch the pop-up with a related offer.

  1. Report Summaries

An undeniable truth today is that most people are too lazy to read. According to some studies, more than 40% of college graduates will not read a single book after they complete formal education.

Having that detail in mind, you can use a longer blog form to create a shorter summary of key findings, which will offer a link to download the full version. This can make a solid lead magnet for the most patient readers – who are also most likely to become your buyers as well.


Business blogs play a major role in the online marketing strategy of successful companies in 2017. Studies reveal that regular corporate blogging brings almost 3.5 times more traffic and leads compared to companies which don’t use this marketing tool as often.

But it is not enough to write blog posts and hope for the best. Take the initiative to create and promote appropriate lead magnets. Follow these guidelines and you’ll be surprised to see how quickly your company revenues will grow!

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