Yeah. You read that right.

Guest blogging is what I eat and drink ( just kidding), and I must confess that I’m one of those bloggers that have put in so much by writing and publishing over 120+ guest posts ( It’s over that actually) across hundreds of blogs in the last 4 months.

I didn’t become a professional guest blogger by night and of course, I faced trails and challenges and I’m more than delighted to share my struggles with you.

Before I continue, I’ll like you to know that there’s nothing you can’t achieve if you’re determined and diligent. I can still remember when I launched my blog late August last year. I struggled and worked myself out just to drive traffic and convert prospects. I must say it is not easy but I’m happy with the results I’ve gotten within this short period of time.

Here are the lessons I learned from writing over 100 guest posts in 4 months:

1. The Money is not in the list, it’s in the relationship

I’ve promoted several Moreniche health products in the past and one thing I’ve gained from these so called internet marketing gurus is that, building a list is important. But as I made a shift into blogging, my mindset changed.

The truth is, the money is in the list but if you don’t know how to build a solid relationship with your subscribers, your list is as good as dead.

Blogging made me realized that it’s not about the size of a list that matters but the response. This also explains why someone with over 15,000 subscribers can barely generate $1,000 every month. Whereas, I built a list of over 210 subscribers within 4 months that responds to my email newsletter.

Hint: The fact that you have over 10,000+ subscribers doesn’t mean you’ll generate profits but it’s how your relationship is, with your subscribers.

Don’t let your focus be on building a list (though it is important), instead; focus on delivering value.

2. Guest posting without a definite goal is a waste of time

When I first started out as a guest blogger 4 months ago, I didn’t have a definite goal on the results I want my guest posts to bring for me and as such, I was guest posting on almost every blog I came across.

Goal setting is an integral part of setting an online business. If you’re not a lover of goal setting, then you better be, because, the success of your blog relies in it.

If you’re a blogger, I believe you make decisions on what to blog about, which blogs to comment on and how to run your business but if you don’t have a definite plan or guide, you might not get results from your efforts.

Hint: Before the first day of every month, take a pen and sheet of paper. Write down your plans or core objectives for the month. Mind you, set reasonable goals.

Let me explain:

It doesn’t make any sense if you set a goal that you’re going to make $10,000 within three weeks. In fact, it’s not possible to earn that huge amount of money within that period of time; and even if it eventually happens, it’ll be by divine intervention.

So, make reasonable goals your faith can carry and don’t allow the ugly circumstances or what people say about you diminish your zeal.

In this new year, don’t blog aimlessly–blog with a definite goal.

3. Hardwork works, but working smart pays off!

I believe in working hard; moreover, I don’t know how I’d have been able to churn out over 100 guest posts within four months if I wasn’t hardworking.

When I first started blogging 4 months ago, I had thought that hardwork is the same thing as writing guest posts, making blog comments, waking up and writing a post, and joining the Pinterest league; but I was wrong.

Working smart is not about how much you put in but how much result you get by spending a short amount of time.

I know this because Tom Ewer blogs only 4 to 5 hours everyday; Bamidele Oni blogs about 4 hours everyday and Darren Rowse ( I’m not sure) but I guess, blogs, 15 to 20 hours every week. And the least amount this bloggers make is about 3 to 4 figures monthly.

I’m not telling you about this guys so you’ll be lazy but admonishing you to work smarter. If I had known the truth about working smart, I’d have achieved more success with my 100 guest posts.

Hint: In other words, get to know your audience, build a strong relationship with them and you’d get much better results. Now, that is what I mean by working smart!

4. Sometimes, it may feel like you’re writing to the wind, but don’t give up– don’t give in!

Blogging sometimes, looks like walking in a forest. When I started my blog, I felt like no one was reading my blog posts but I didn’t allow my physical senses deceive me; instead, I continued and did my best to work smart.

The result: Today, I average a total number of 5,000 visits every month with 150 to 190 unique visitors every day.

The truth is, if your blog is new, you may not get people to read it but don’t give up. Continue blogging and you’ll get to that level you’ve always desired (with time).

5. Getting Ideas for blog posts can sometimes be daunting

If you’re a blogger like me, you watch videos, read magazines, and read every blog you come across just to get blog post ideas. But the truth is, getting a blog post idea doesn’t have to do with reading (though, very important); it’s about being creative.

Easy ways to come up blog post Ideas

Use your life experiences

Share your past mistakes and practical tips on how corrected ‘those’ mistakes.

Interview other top bloggers in your niche- you could easily come up with blog post ideas by interviewing them

Pay attention to what happens around you– you could easily get blog post Ideas with the happenings around you.

6. Content is not enough– marketing works best

When I was still a complete newbie four months ago, I wrote quality blog posts for my blog but didn’t have people to read it and with time, I began to think blogging was not as profitable like people say.

If no one reads your content, your blog is as good as dead (my opinion).

Blogging without effective content marketing is a big waste of time. As for me, I ensure that anytime I publish a blog post, I market it with a guest post and as a result, I get quality back-links to my blog pages.

Hint: When you write a blog post for your blog; back it up with a guest post. Share it via Twitter, Linkedln, Facebook, Digg .. Et al.

Do your best to make your post go viral.

7. Don’t be afraid to try new things– that’s what blogging is all about

In the last four months, my blog has gone through various blog designs and various changes such as in the types of pages and blog posts. Don’t be afraid to take daring steps. Don’t be afraid to try new things or stop something if it’s not working. Don’t give up tasks easily. Try new pages, post frequencies and types of posts; but ensure you monitor your blog status to get a feel on what posts are driving away visitors.

8. Don’t give up easily

Guest blogging can sometimes be boring; especially if you’re not seeing traffic or clients. It is estimated that over 40 to 60% of blogs abandon after few months. Why? Lack of motivation. Don’t get depressed or emotionally weakened if you’re not generating sales or traffic; instead, keep at it.

Keep blogging and you’ll have yourself to thank on the long run.

Your turn to dazzle me

Does this article inspire you? What are the lessons you’ve learned by blogging over the years?

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