Your blog is a valuable asset when it comes to creating value for your customers. It’s a resource they can turn to, in learning more about your industry. These blog marketing strategies can help you maintain this resource while also using your blog to sell more.

8 Blog marketing strategies to improve your business:

  1. Make sure your contact information is in a prominent place on your blog, and make sure your comments are turned on. Your readers should be able to contact you or interact.
  2. If you blog infrequently, or haven’t written a post in months, turn the date feature off. Long gaps between blog posts or dated information can make readers question whether you are still in business.
  3. Ask questions and interact with readers. Even though it’s a blog post, the goal is to get readers to engage with you. Invite them to respond.
  4. Keep an editorial calendar, and make sure that your blog syncs up with larger sales goals. It’s easy to get lost in the minutia, but remember that your blog still needs to help your business sell and prosper.
  5. Carefully consider the words you use. Make sure you are using impactful words. Advertisers and marketers have been experimenting with the words that will resonate with your audience for a long, long time. You also don’t want to be using phrases that will turn your readers off.
  6. Your audience has a problem and they view you as the solution. Even if you are in the B2b space, you are still selling to humans. Show them you understand their problem and position yourself as the answer.
  7. Test out a few calls to action. Even though your blogs are educational and informative in nature, you can still use a call to action to get your reader to engage. If your post was valuable enough, your readers shouldn’t mind it if you include 1-2 sentences about how to purchase your product or how to contact you for more info.
  8. Print copies of your blog posts and hand them out in face-to-face meetings. Chances are your in-person clients could benefit from some of that knowledge.

What blog marketing strategies have worked for you in the past?