We all know blogging is important for business – and most (some) of us enjoy it – so why is it that sometimes it just doesn’t happen?

Time. The fateful foe of a small business owner.

So when you realise you haven’t posted for an extended amount of time, and you sit guiltily staring at a blank screen for hours with nothing flowing, is there another option?

The good news

Blogging isn’t about pumping out continuous streams of useless content. We’re the first to admit, it’s not easy churning out large quantities of content on a regular basis – particularly when you are trying to run a business.

Added to this, Google penalises content duplicates, so reposting old blogs on your website without any changes won’t work either.

Instead, use our clever tips below to tweak timeless content and ensure that it remains current and engaging.

7 ways to repurpose (not regurgitate) old content

Follow up with part 2

Has an old post been successful or created discussion amongst your readers? If so, create a part two addressing any unanswered questions or other areas of similar interest.

Create a series

If a post has performed incredibly well, turn it into a themed series. This will build anticipation and regularity for your subscribers.

Make it visual

Try using the same content in a new medium. Turn your written words into a fun and visually appealing post. Infographics and vlogs (video blogs) are an effective way to get your message across.

Add more information

Have things changed since your last post? Do an update that contains new information, updates or trends. Scroll through your old posts and see what topics can be updated and reused. Add a fresh take or adopt a different perspective on the topic.

Tips or step-by-step guides

Create a tip list or guide detailing how to do or use something: all valuable and informative for your readers.

Expand on a recent blog comment

Create a post about a particular comment or viewpoint from one of your readers. This will show your readers that you care about what they have to say and listen and engage with them.

Create a ‘best of’ post

Every month or couple of months, take your most popular blog posts and combine them into one. It will remind your readers of the topic and reach anyone that missed your original post.

Final thought

Well-written and engaging blog content can be repurposed, but not regurgitated. If you are repurposing old content, be sure to have a new take on it to keep your content engaging.