Does your business have a blog?

If you’ve answered “no” (or if you answered “yes” but can’t remember the last time it was updated) then you might be missing out.

Consider this 2011 HubSpot survey where 69% of businesses attributed their success with lead generation directly to blogging. Business is built on consumer interest, and a blog will give you more opportunities to generate that interest. If you’re not blogging you may be minimizing your business’ full potential.

So, how do you get started (or up and running again)? Check out these 7 tips for your company to break the ice with the blogosphere.

1. Write a how-to article

This is your business; you know how it operates and what works best. Share this knowledge with other people by giving instructions on things you’ve learned from experience. Share best practices and specific techniques or case studies with screenshots or steps on how to complete it.

2. Create a list

Search the web for interesting content that relates to a subject relevant to your audience. Then, create a post that curates the content. (For an example, take a look at “10 Digital Marketing Infographics to Bookmark, Print Out or Stare at For a While”.) The content is already there you just need to present it in your own voice.

3. Interview an expert in your field

A Q&A is a quick method for generating blog posts. Once the interview is transcribed the post is almost complete; some tweaks will be needed but giving your audience tips from an expert will bring value to your audience and position your organization as the resource.

Not only will this show your audience you’re knowledgeable and well-informed on your industry, but linking to other blogs will put your content on the radar of other content producers. And hey who knows, they might even return the favor someday.

5. Upload a presentation

This can turn out to be the one of the easiest posts (considering you’ve already done the hard work of creating the presentation). Get more mileage out of existing content assets by writing companion blog pieces and sharing individual nuggets of information via social media.

A lot of the work will already be done since you’re essentially using existing content that you know well, have recently researched, and are very familiar with.

6. Get a guest blogger

If you’ve enjoyed reading certain bloggers in your industry or interact with unique, interesting, and intelligent people in any capacity, consider asking them to write a post for your blog.

This will help you can gain outside insight, more posts, and ideas to ponder by seeing what others are writing about. It also gives you an advocate outside of your organization who will likely share your blog to his or her own social network.

7. Showcase great content you find in social media

Their suggestions could spur great posts or even ideas that you can further build on. Curate the collective insight found in social media and share other people’s ideas with your audience. It makes for strong content and is a great way to show your audience you listen to what they say.

So it’s time to create a blog for your business. Stop missing out on all of the opportunities to gain more consumers and take action. And if you already have one then feel free to respond to this post with a post of your own.