Business Bloggers Unite!

Today was another Tuesday, and time for another Blab! (If you don’t know what Blab is, read this now.)

Every Tuesday at 11:30 AM I host #SmallBizBlabz with co-host extraordinaire, Deb Laflamme of For the Love Of Your Biz.

Today we talked ‘blogging’ and since we are targeting small business owners (you!) to come join us on Blab, the conversation surrounding blogging was elementary but robust! We dove into several blogging sub-topics and afterwards I could not believe how much material we’d actually covered (and we stayed on topic and under an hour!)

☞ Just to even get started blogging seems to be an obstacle!

☞ How can you keep on track and blog weekly as you have so much work to get done?

☞ Then once you get started, what do you consistently blog about?

☞ How you know who is reading your blog?

☞ How do you know where and when to share your articles?

☞ How do you know you are doing ‘it’ right?

☞ Does a blog article need an image?

☞ How do your create images?

☞ How can you talk with others about your article after they’ve read it?

Business Bloggers Watch This Blab And Learn!

Phew; we covered a lot of ground. We answered all of the above and much more. Here’s the replay.

Business Bloggers Stick Together

By Blabbing together, we came up with several important pieces of blogging advice for business bloggers.

I’ve made this list to share (just in case you didn’t watch the whole Blab replay – this list spells it out!)
Here are…

7 Practical Pointers To Jump Start Your Business Blogging

  1. Create a blogging strategy. Include ideal times to blog, frequency, ideal subjects, topics and outline a plan to ‘market’ your articles, including where and how often you will share the articles yourself and to what platforms and when. Work with a professional to guide you if THIS is your hangup!
  2. Start (or restart) blogging with an accountability partner to ensure blogs go out as planned and on time.
  3. Use questions you receive as a business owner as the basis for your blog post ideas. Encourage new acquaintances to ask questions via email so you have a record of questions.
  4. Write your posts anywhere BUT directly into WordPress (and here are the 4 reasons why!)
  5. Find your blogger’s voice by writing as you speak.
  6. Use Twitter, and Triberr, to get almost instant traffic to your blog post.
  7. Use the URL and/or the title of your blog post in the search bar of Twitter (or in a hootsuite stream) to find out who shared it and who’s talking about it!

Now Get Started with Blogging

Do at LEAST ONE of these things immediately.

  • Tweet us @moreinmedia and @loveyourbiz and tell us you need accountability and help with blogging to get started.
  • Come up with a list of blog post ideas and block two hours on your calendar THIS WEEK to write and upload one blog article!
  • Search on Twitter for people who have shared your articles in the past and connect with them and share their blog articles!
  • Join Tribber!
  • Leave a comment here and tell me that you need help blogging and what your biggest obstacle is.

I am enjoying Blab so much! I encourage you to try it if you have not! It’s a great platform to connect with colleagues and influencer, other like-minded (business) people.