When writing website content, you should put yourself in the shoes of your visitor. They’re looking for valuable, interesting and helpful information they can use. If your website gives that to them, they’ll stick around and read more.

Here are 7 of the biggest mistakes people make when writing their web content.


Website content shouldn’t be wordy or be too complicated. Write in a simple and clear way (check out the Hemingway App to help).

Break up the text so that it’s easy to read. Write in a simple way that anyone can understand easily.

Too Much Promotion

On pages where you’re promoting something, then, of course, you should have promotional content.

Your informational content shouldn’t promote anything. Focus on being helpful and giving everything you got. Your awesome high-quality content will do the selling for you.

Keyword Stuffed

While keywords are still important in optimizing your site for search engines, use them naturally in your writing. Don’t stuff your writing with keywords. It will make your content harder to read and you could get penalized by the search engines making your hard work pointless.


You don’t want to write something that leaves your readers feeling meh…

Give your content a personal touch. Develop your own style of writing that represents you and provides your reader something interesting to work through. Take an angle and present your information in a way you don’t see on other websites.

You’re so not relevant

Oy! If you’re not writing your content to solve the problem or meet the needs of what your website visitors are looking for then there’s no point in writing anything.

Speak to your visitors needs, solve their problems and give them the steps to make that happen, then you’ll have happy campers and readers 🙂

Yawn, now that was boring

This is in line with the previous two, your content needs to grab attention.

In today’s online world, our attention spans have gone the way of the goldfish (in fact I think maybe a goldfish memory is longer now – I digress!) Your titles, images and descriptions should draw them in and get them to read. Make your content stand out.

You’re so Vain (To Quote Carly Simon)

Here’s the thing, don’t make your web content about you. Always focus on the reader. This is a little tricky with things like your About Us page, but speak to the reader’s needs and you’ll have a happy reader. Whenever describing a feature, explain how it’s useful for the reader.

Finally, make sure your web content is error free and written in a natural tone. Simple spelling, grammar or word usage mistakes can cost a great deal of your readers’ trust.

Now go out and make some great content.