We’ve been building a few WordPress blogs recently for various people, and thought we’d like to share with you ten of the best minimalistic WordPress themes available currently.

Satoshie Theme

Satoshi is a clean and minimal WordPress theme that is absolutely perfect for showcasing project work.

It comes with a range of professional features and it’s full of other great features such as drop-down menus, Google Analytics integration, and the ability to easily upload your own logo – not something every WordPress theme of this style does well.

Satoshie Minimal WordPress Theme

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Modicus WordPress Theme

This theme is very minimalist, clean, well laid out and easy to read. Due to it’s lightweight nature, this is built for. One of the fastest WordPress themes i’ve seen.

Modicus Minimal WordPress Theme

Preview WordPress Theme | Download Theme.

Clean Minimal Theme

A personal favourite of mine. The Clean Minimal Theme does what it says! Perfectly designed to focus the visitors eyes on the content and not the design, a writers dream.

Clean Minimal WordPress Theme

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Studio Dessign Theme

Yes the double S wasn’t a mistake, this really cool is theme from Dessign.net. Perfect for graphic designers.

Preview WordPress Theme | Download Theme.

Structure Theme

There is both a free and paid-for version of this theme from Organic Themes

Organic Structure Minimal WordPress Theme

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Neutra Theme

My favourite minimal WordPress theme right now, this is clean and organised with a really nice touch of colour. The best example I can show you is my personal blog for selling domains www.siimple.net

Preview WordPress Theme | Download Theme.

So there you have it. Some of the best minimal WordPress themes around at the moment. What do you think? I know there are hundreds out there and it’s impossible to satisfy everyone, but they’re the pick of the best. Drop a comment below with examples of your own blogs and sites using minimal themes and maybe we’ll mention them in a future post.